Illumina Financial Solutions

Illumina Financial Solutions

Financing Options

When you lease Illumina equipment through Illumina Capital1 or NFS Leasing, you can upgrade or add technology during the lease term, align payments with your cash flow cycle, reimbursement funding cycle, or projected use, and benefit from flexible end-of-term options that work for you.

Illumina Capital – A DLL Program

DLL is a global financial solutions partner that can help customers just entering the genomics industry or scaling up an existing operation.

  • Capital leases
  • Structured financing
  • Same-as-cash programs
  • Terms from 12–60 months
NFS Leasing

NFS specializes in challenged credit accounts like new ventures and startups and offers leasing programs in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Traditional equipment leases
  • Asset-backed leases
  • Sale leasebacks
  • Terms from 12–60 months

Evosciences increases Illumina presence across Europe by offering access to lending from multiple financial institutions.

  • Public lender assistance
  • Capital leases
  • Asset-backed leases
  • Terms from 12-60 months
Jiangsu Financial Leasing

Jiangsu Financial Leasing (BNPP Leasing Solutions) supports the full range of Illumina customers covering the whole of mainland China territory.

  • Standard capital leases
  • Sale leasebacks
  • Easy-lease program for lease <$100k
  • Terms from 6–60 months
Illumina Reagent Rental

Illumina also offers a reagent rental program that can help labs maximize their budgets while staying competitive. The program is designed to fit the way many customers budget for capital purchases and covers all products and countries where we sell direct.

  • Capital equipment cost built into reagent pricing
  • Payments based on shipment invoices
  • Terms from 12–60 months
  • Upgrade or add technology during lease term
  • Any combination of products2
To explore your financial options, please call your Illumina Sales Representative.
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  1. Illumina Capital is a program of DLL, a worldwide leader in equipment leasing and financing solutions.
  2. Except where local regulations do not permit.