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As a key component of the BaseSpace Suite, BaseSpace Sequence Hub is a direct extension of your Illumina instruments. Encrypted data flow from the instrument into BaseSpace Sequence Hub, enabling you to manage and analyze your data easily with a curated set of analysis apps. BaseSpace Sequence Hub, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS):

  • Offers a security-first environment
  • Enables you to set up runs and monitor instrument run quality
  • Promotes efficiency by converting sequencing data to a standard format and streaming directly to the cloud
  • Provides access to computing resources without the capital expenditure of in-house infrastructure
  • Increases organizational productivity with easy access to a multitude of genomic analysis apps (provided by you, Illumina, or third parties)

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New to BaseSpace Sequence Hub?

Access this informative resource to get started using BaseSpace, find compatible libraries, and troubleshoot online.

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Integrated Run Setup and Monitoring

Integration with all Illumina instruments means that users can set up runs and monitor them from anywhere.

Streamlined Data Management and Storage

Scale up or down depending upon your storage needs—all without burdening your IT department with hardware maintenance.

Simplified Data Analysis

Easily perform routine data analysis with a comprehensive library of apps available, including a robust suite of accurate, ultra-rapid DRAGEN secondary analysis pipelines.





Included Storage 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB
Compute 30-Day Free Trial with 250 complimentary iCredits 250 complimentary iCredits* 250 complimentary iCredits*
Payment Plans n/a Monthly Billing
Unlimited Storage + Compute*
Monthly Billing
Unlimited Storage + Compute*
Run Setup
Run Monitoring
Data Sharing
Apps Free Apps only
(after trial period expires)
All All
API Access
Command-Line Access
Comprehensive Security Framework
Number of Users One Unlimited Unlimited
Workgroups   One Unlimited
Bioinformatics Professional Services   8 hours ** 24 hours **
Multiple Workgroups    
Private Domain    
Single Sign-On    
Supports customers in a HIPAA-regulated environment ***    
Access Control    
Audit Trail    
Price Free Contact a Sales Rep Contact a Sales Rep

* For new customers only. Unlimited plans are only available for the first year. Subsequent years are Monthly Billing.

** With the purchase of Unlimited Storage and Compute.

*** Applicable in the US only.

Use Cases

Making Informatics Easy for Helix

How Helix scaled rapidly into one of the largest human exome sequencing operations in the world using BaseSpace Sequence Hub.

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BRC-Seq Customers Benefit from Streamlined BaseSpace Integrated Workflow

BaseSpace Sequence Hub helps the Biotechnology Resource Center Sequencing Core (BRC-Seq) at the University of British Columbia deliver high-quality sequencing data and additional value to its customers.

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