BaseSpace Sequence Hub

Cloud-based genomic run management and simplified bioinformatics for growing NGS operations.

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Introducing BaseSpace Sequence Hub

BaseSpace Sequence Hub addresses the bioinformatics needs and infrastructure burdens of labs pursuing next-generation sequencing. The software integrates with Illumina sequencing systems through an intuitive interface that allows users to streamline run setup and monitoring.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub provides access to push-button secondary analysis applications and enables data sharing with collaborators, all within a secure cloud ecosystem with expandable storage for growing laboratory needs.

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Key features and benefits


Manage runs, analyze, store and share data in a centralized environment with no command line interface (CLI) or specialized coding skills required.

Simplified run planning

Reduce manual touchpoints; instrument integration automatically streams sequencing data to the cloud and kicks off analysis.

Real-time analytics

Access run data anywhere, anytime. Cloud-based application improves access and simplifies operations. Access sequencing data remotely and monitor sequencing runs and history in real time.

Sharing and collaboration

Collaborate easily with secure, audit-controlled data management and sharing without requiring file downloads.

Push-button analysis

Accelerate analysis with a curated and comprehensive menu of intuitive apps, including award-winning DRAGEN secondary analysis applications.

Data storage

Scale up or down depending on your storage needs—without hardware maintenance or IT support. Data can be archived for long-term data retention needs and optimized savings.

Key applications

BaseSpace apps cover most analysis methods used with Illumina NGS data. This continually growing list of DRAGEN, Illumina, and non-IIlumina apps meets a broad range of diverse research needs, regardless of bioinformatics experience or capacity.

Meet Illumina DRAGEN

Making informatics easy for Helix

Learn how Helix scaled rapidly into one of the largest human exome sequencing operations in the world using BaseSpace Sequence Hub.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub enables us to analyze, store, and disseminate data without the need for a bioinformatics staff or a server. It has also supported our increased data analysis workload.

Helene Dreau, MSc

Principal Clinical Scientist at the Haemato-Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at the Oxford Molecular Diagnostic Centre

Advances using BaseSpace Sequence Hub

BaseSpace Sequence Hub provides an integrated, cost-effective bioinformatics solution to support critical NGS research in oncology, genetic diseases, microbiology, and many other areas.

Streamlining NGS data management

BaseSpace Sequence Hub increases an Oxford laboratory's productivity and cost-effectiveness in meeting the needs of its clinical research teams.

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