Infinium Global Screening Array-24 Kit

GSA is a next-generation genotyping array for population-scale genetics, variant screening, pharmacogenomics studies, and precision medicine research.Read More...
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Fixed Content

Infinium® Global Screening Array-24 v2.0 Kit (48 samples)



Infinium® Global Screening Array-24 v2.0 Kit (288 samples)



Infinium® Global Screening Array-24 v2.0 Kit (1152 samples)



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Infinium Global Screening Array-24+ v2.0 Kit (48 Spl)


Infinium Global Screening Array-24+ v2.0 Kit (288 Spl)


Infinium Global Screening Array-24+ v2.0 Kit (1152 Spl)


Product Highlights

Global Content

The Infinium Global Screening Array-24 v2.0 BeadChip combines multi-ethnic genome-wide content, curated clinical research variants, and quality control (QC) markers for precision medicine research.

The genome-wide content was selected for high imputation accuracy at minor allele frequencies of >1% across all 26 1000 Genomes Project populations. The clinical research content includes variants with established disease associations, relevant pharmacogenomics markers, and curated exonic content based on ClinVar, NHGRI, PharmGKB, and ExAC databases. Quality control content enables sample identification and tracking for large-scale genomics and screening applications.

Widespread Adoption

With over 5.5 million samples worth of beadchips sold prior to commercial launch, the array’s global adoption provides a network of human disease researchers, healthcare networks, consumer genomics companies, and genomic service providers to help power discovery.

Broad Clinical Research Applications

The array provides a genomic tool for clinical research applications including disease risk profiling studies, pharmacogenomics research, wellness characterization, and complex disease discovery.

In March 2018, Illumina released a free update enhancing coverage in pharmacogenomics, ClinVar, HLA, and ACMG variants.

Robust Assay and High-Throughput Workflow

The array supports genotyping and CNV calling for sample types including saliva, blood, and buccal swabs. The format also enables processing of thousands of samples per week with a 3-day workflow for population-scale studies.


Method-Specific Workflow Example


Case Studies

Scaling a Laboratory to Genotype Thousands of Samples

Resource planning, inventory management, and automated genotyping workflows enabled GPBio to achieve immediate efficiency and throughput gains.

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Establishing and Scaling an Efficient Genotyping Facility

Prenetics created a high-throughput genotyping laboratory to serve its growing customer base in Southeast Asia.

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Product Literature

Infinium Automation Workflow Information

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