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Illumina FastTrack Services offers fast sample-to-data solutions

FastTrack Sequencing Services

Experience Genetic Energy with Illumina FastTrack Sequencing Services, which has been providing whole-genome sequencing services for years. FastTrack Services excels in delivering a fast sample-to-data whole-genome solution to customers, and guarantees delivery of high-quality data through automated and traceable processes to certify data integrity throughout.

The lab offers years of experience with proven Illumina sequencing technology, and production continues to grow year over year. Additionally, FastTrack Sequencing Services provides exceptional customer support, offering customers personalized attention as their project progresses from start to finish.

Since adding whole-genome sequencing service capabilities to Illumina FastTrack Services in 2009, the lab has completed projects for a broad range of areas, including cancer and complex disease. Whole-genome sequencing services enable customers specializing in these fields to cost-effectively identify novel variants, empowering disease association studies like never before.

The Customer Experience
The Customer Experience

See how our expert project managers, scientists, and lab staff deliver high-quality sequencing data and support you throughout the project.

The Illumina FastTrack Sequencing Service provider team consists of highly educated scientists and project managers with years of experience in genomics. The team works collaboratively with customers to provide the utmost service for the success of every project.

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At the start of a project, a project manager contacts the researcher to walk them through the service process.

Illumina FastTrack Services provides a number of sequencing service packages, including cancer analysis and whole-genome sequencing services.

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Illumina FastTrack Sequencing Services is powered by Illumina next-generation sequencing instruments and TruSeq. Our customers benefit from in-house software tools focused on optimizing data accuracy, research scalability, and the user experience.

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We understand that managing large datasets can be a challenge. To help our researchers acquaint themselves with the file size, structure, and data format, we provide training packages for our whole-genome sequencing service offerings.

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Low-Cost Sequencing System

Looking to bring NGS into your lab? The iSeq 100 System is our most affordable system, designed for everyday sequencing.

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iSeq 100 System

Interested in a sequencing project with Illumina FastTrack Services? Please contact your sales representative or get a quote through our website. We’ll follow up to discuss your project.

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Sample Submission Guidelines*

Find out how to submit samples to Illumina FastTrack Services.

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Work with expert Illumina instructors to get hands-on training or find online courses to fit your schedule.

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Instrument Service Plans

Many labs appreciate both the additional peace of mind and the fast, on-site service we offer with no hidden fees or extra costs.

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On-Demand Services

We offer service and support for instruments not under warranty or service contract.

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*Note that Illumina FastTrack Services will not accept any samples without a PO and an initial conference call with our project management team.