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Today’s genomic solutions for tomorrow’s cancer breakthroughs

Cancer Genomics Research

Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) and microarray technologies represent the gold standard in quality worldwide—and account for ~90% of the world’s sequencing data.* Innovative, intuitive, and completely integrated, our sample-to-data solutions empower your lab to keep ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving genomics revolution. So you’ll be better able to perform the world-class research you strive for—with the goal of uncovering new insights into the biology of cancer that can lead to meaningful advances in personalized medicine.

Our comprehensive product offerings support multiple cancer research applications, including studies of DNA, RNA, epigenetics, and more. Our range of sequencers can be scaled to meet your needs—from powerful, yet personal, desktop models to versatile, high-throughput systems. With intuitive data analysis and management capabilities and unsurpassed customer support, we can deliver the answers you seek—quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

Targeted Power for Cancer Genomics Research

The MiniSeq System delivers cost-efficient, reliable sequencing for low-throughput cancer research labs. Targeted sequencing on the MiniSeq System enables accurate identification of variants and gene fusions, with streamlined sample-to-results workflow and onboard data analysis.

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MiniSeq Desktop System
TruSeq RNA Access Kit

A reproducible, economical method for sequencing coding RNA from FFPE and other low-quality samples. Learn More

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NextSeq Series

Flexible desktop sequencing systems that support various applications, from targeted panels to whole-genome sequencing. Learn More

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BaseSpace Sequence Hub

The Illumina genomics computing environment for NGS data analysis and management, so labs can analyze, archive, and share data easily. Learn More

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Genomic Technologies for Cancer Research

Learn the numerous ways that genomic technologies can be applied to tumor biology.

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Cancer Research Review

An overview of recent cancer research publications featuring Illumina technology.

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Sequencing Analysis of Tissue Samples: Fresh Frozen vs. FFPE

Dr. Getz from Massachusetts General Hospital compares sequencing results from FFPE and fresh-frozen tumor samples.

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Exploring the Forgotten Genome of Cancer Research
Exploring the Forgotten Genome of Cancer Research

A Garvan Institute sarcoma study identifies rare cancer-associated variants in the germline with the HiSeq 2500 System.

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Methods Guide
Methods Guide

All the information you need, from BeadChips to library preparation to sequencer selection and analysis. Select the best tools for your lab.

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Multiple Methods Drive Cancer Research
Multiple Methods Drive Cancer Research

Combining methods led to a breakthrough in pancreatic cancer research. View the video, and explore other areas of impact.

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*Data on file based on a 2013 study.