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Removing Uncertainty on World Cancer Day

259 views | 2 months ago

On this World Cancer Day, learn how next-generation sequencing can remove the uncertainty of cancer, so you can focus on your future: Subscribe to the Illumina video channel...

The Future is Created by You. Experience Illumina’s NextSeq 2000.

454 views | 3 months ago

We know you push your science every day. We know you have constraints to work within. Start exploring with fewer barriers: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures....

TruSight Software Suite—Supporting Variant Analysis in Rare Disease

104 views | 3 months ago

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is becoming commonplace when seeking a diagnosis for rare genetic disease. This can create a bottleneck when analyzing and interpreting the billions of base pairs and...

Take a tour with Professor Michael Bunce to learn about eDNA through Sequencing the Seas

35030 views | 3 months ago

Professor Bunce explores our deep seas and gives insight into eDNA analysis through metabarcoding.

Using AmpliSeq for Illumina Custom RNA panels for targeted gene expression profiling

143 views | 4 months ago

Jeff Tsai, a senior scientist in product development at Illumina, and his team set up a study to evaluate how the recently launched AmpliSeq™ for Illumina Custom RNA assay compares to qPCR for analyzing...

Illumina Proactive | Remote Instrument Performance Monitoring

227 views | 5 months ago

Illumina Proactive is our safe, secure instrument monitoring service. When you connect your sequencing system to Proactive, our technical support team can remotely diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix issues...

The NovaSeq System: Shaping the Future of Genomics

1188 views | 5 months ago

Since its launch in 2017, the NovaSeq platform has been revolutionary for genomics studies. Hear how the system has continued to evolve to meet customer demands and shape what’s possible in the future....

Expanding the opportunities for NIPT

1534 views | 5 months ago

Learn how noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is making an impact around the world. Hear from the staff at AMES discuss how NIPT, particularly the Illumina VeriSeqTM NIPT solution, has helped meet an...