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BaseSpace Sequence Hub Helps Helix Conduct Consumer Genetics

Increased analysis automation features help streamline laboratory operations in high-volumes

BaseSpace Sequence Hub Helps Helix Conduct Consumer Genetics
October 23, 2017

Conversations about genomics are no longer limited to researchers and scientists. New sequencing methods and technologies have ushered in an era where anyone can have their genome sequenced. Helix, a personal genomics startup, is one company that provides such a service. Customers can have their DNA sample sequenced once and then access a marketplace of applications that provide insights into ancestry, diet, fitness, or other personalized traits.

To help enable the high volume of samples received in its CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory, Helix uses BaseSpace® Sequence Hub, Illumina’s cloud-based platform for genomic data storage, management, and analysis, along with BaseSpace Clarity LIMS, to track samples from the time they enter the lab until an analysis result is obtained. The newest features in BaseSpace Sequence Hub help Helix automate the analysis workflow from data generation and sequencing quality control through analysis and review. Use of these features streamlines Helix’s operations and helps it maintain a high level of quality by minimizing human touch-points and reducing the potential for error.

“Helix has one of the largest clinical exome sequencing labs in the world. When working with such a high volume of samples, automation at all stages of the sequencing workflow is critical,” said William Lee, Vice President of Bioinformatics at Helix.  “The automation and advanced out-of-the-box integration features in BaseSpace Sequence Hub have helped us scale up to a rapidly growing number of samples and maintain a consistently high level of quality in our operations. Without BaseSpace Sequence Hub, it would have been challenging to address the increased demand.”

The newest version of BaseSpace Sequence Hub, complete with the automation features described here, is available now. For more information, visit:

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