Helping save koalas using whole genome sequencing

September 16, 2022

Dr. Carolyn Hogg and Professor Kathy Belov are researchers from the University of Sydney, Australia who are using whole genome sequencing of rare and endangered species with aims to provide conservation plans for the species ongoing survival. Genetic diversity in a population is important for traits such as resistance to disease and adaptation to environmental changes. When the genome sequence of populations is known, it can inform help decision makers identify which animals are best translocated to other regions or provided for captive breeding programs to ensure that diversity is present for future generations. In partnership with Illumina, Dr. Hogg, Professor Belov and Dr. Helena Mangs of the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics at the University of New South Wales are generating whole genome sequences on many hundreds of Koalas. Speed and accuracy are of utmost importance to the project, from sample preparation, sequencing on the NovaSeq 6000 and data analysis on the DRAGEN platform, every day saved, is a day closer to a solution for the Koala and many other species. Subscribe to the Illumina video channel A global genomics leader, Illumina provides comprehensive next-generation sequencing solutions to the research, clinical, and applied markets. Illumina technology is responsible for generating more than 90% of the world’s sequencing data.* Through collaborative innovation, Illumina is fueling groundbreaking advancements in oncology, reproductive health, genetic disease, microbiology, agriculture, forensic science, and beyond. *Data calculations on file. Illumina, Inc., 2015. View customer spotlight videos View Illumina webinars View Illumina product videos View Illumina support videos

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