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Driving ALS Discovery With Integrative Genomics | Jan Veldink

1688 views | 7 years ago

Jan Veldink, PhD shares how integrative genomics has helped drive his ALS research, leading to the discovery that NEK1 is an ALS gene. He highlights why using a combination of methods including GWAS,...

Illumina Sequencing by Synthesis (Now in 3D)

2088476 views | 7 years ago

Explore the Illumina next-generation sequencing workflow, including sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology, in 3-dimensional detail. Go from sample preparation, to cluster generation, to sequencing...

Peter Laird: Epigenetics, DNA Methylation, and Arrays

7767 views | 7 years ago

Peter Laird, PhD, discusses his studies of epigenetics and the role DNA methylation may play in contributing to cancer. Dr. Laird highlights the importance of better tools and being able to choose the...