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Nextera XT DNA Sample Prep Overview

21157 views | 9 years ago

Get an overview of Nextera XT DNA Sample Preparation kits, the industry's fastest and easiest method for preparing sequencing-ready libraries for small genomes, PCR amplicons, and plasmids.

Illumina Corporate Overview

1792 views | 9 years ago

At Illumina, we want to change human health through the application of genetic tools and solutions. From our employees to our partners, the Illumina community is a global community focused on innovation,...

MiSeq and HiSeq 2500 Updates from AGBT

2303 views | 9 years ago

Introducing the HiSeq® 2500 and Latest MiSeq System Improvements. Significantly Reduced Run Times, Increased Read Length, and Ever-Increasing Throughput

Next-generation sequencing sheds new light on epidemics

524 views | 9 years ago

Dr. Jacques Retief, Senior Manager of Illumina Scientific Affairs discusses using next-generation sequencing to quickly and accurately probe genomic mutations in epidemic-causing microbes using the...

How next-gen sequencing is revolutionizing cancer diagnoses

4092 views | 9 years ago

Dr. Fellowes discusses how his team at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre's Molecular Pathology Lab uses the MiSeq system to transition cancer diagnosis assays to next-generation sequencing technologies....

Next-Generation Sequencing at the Touch of a Button

14246 views | 9 years ago

The MiSeq system delivers a streamlined sequencing solution that takes you from rapid sample prep through automated data analysis and storage in the BaseSpace™ cloud. Recent improvements to the sequencing...

MiSeq System Performance Enhancements

2304 views | 9 years ago

Since its debut in September 2011, the MiSeq system is becoming a fixture in clinical and translational labs for amplicon sequencing, small genome sequencing, QC and other applications. Chemistry and...

Sequencing Data Quality Roundtable (Part 2)

163 views | 9 years ago

Part 2 - Certain aspects of accuracy in next-generation sequencing can carry higher risks in specific applications, like clinical sequencing. Illumina product experts discuss what attributes of a sequencing...