Infinium Arrays: With Infinium and Beyond

April 1, 2024

Infinium arrays are a powerful tool for analyzing genetic variation across the genome. They are a robust technology capable of generating comprehensive coverage of genetic variants, high-throughput genotyping whilst remaining cost-effective, and scalable. These features have led to Infinium arrays to be the technology of choice in applications such as genome-wide association studies (GWAS), that investigate the genetic basis of complex diseases and traits, and population genetics studies. Data generated by arrays can also be integrated with other types of genetic data, such as gene expression profiles or methylation data providing deeper insights into an individual's genetic make-up. Infinium arrays are a complementary technology to next-generation sequencing (NGS). Learn More about Illumina Infinium Arrays:​ English: 日本語: 한국어: Subscribe to the Illumina video channel A global genomics leader, Illumina provides comprehensive next-generation sequencing solutions to the research, clinical, and applied markets. Through collaborative innovation, Illumina is fueling groundbreaking advancements in oncology, reproductive health, genetic disease, microbiology, agriculture, forensic science, and beyond. View customer spotlight videos View Illumina webinars View Illumina support videos Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter:

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