Fast turnaround times for genotyping, cytogenetics, and methylation studies

FastTrack Microarray Service Process and Offerings

Illumina FastTrack Services offers industry’s most flexible and comprehensive portfolio of microarray assays. When a customer starts a project with us, an expert molecular geneticist project manager will contact the PI of the project to walk them through the microarray service process. For our custom microarray service offerings, the project manager is available to help with SNP loci selection and walk customers through the use of an up-to-date database of >5 million validated SNP markers.

As a project progresses, each sample is handled with care, from arrival at Illumina to data generation. To ensure the success of every project, FastTrack Services offers an initial sample test, evaluating the integrity and performance of sample sets on our technology.

Throughout the process, there are multiple QC steps to give our customers confidence in their data. Moreover, each assay is treated with the same level of care for optimal delivery of high quality data in a short amount of time.

Key benefits of the Illumina FastTrack Services process include:

  • High-throughput for fast turnaround times
  • Automated and traceable for positive sample tracking
  • Dedicated QC steps for uncompromised data quality
FastTrack Microarray Service Process

Illumina FastTrack Services is powered by a reliable high-throughput and automated process which guarantees industry-leading data quality delivered to customers in a timely fashion. Each step allows us to verify that your samples will run through our pipeline smoothly, and ensure that you will be provided with the highest quality data available.

What is the Illumina FastTrack Microarray Service?

Learn more about Illumina FastTrack Microarray Services including process highlights and product offerings.

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Illumina FastTrack Services offers a diverse portfolio of service offerings depending study requirements. FastTrack Services uses Illumina’s microarray platform to provide an efficient and powerful toolset for examining the widest range of genetic variation. Whether you are conducting a large-scale Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) or conducting a small scale focused study, Illumina's economical Infinium and iSelect genotyping microarray platforms combine industry-leading data quality, with the content flexibility to match any application.

Learn more about the technology Illumina FastTrack Services uses.

Infinium technology offerings:

iSelect Custom technology offerings:

Illumina FastTrack Services also offers sample extract service for saliva samples. For more information related to this service, contact an Illumina sales representative.

Sample Submission Guidelines*

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FastTrack Services

With a wide-range of service offerings, Illumina FastTrack Services has optimized the throughput and lab processes to ensure the fastest turnaround for each project.

MicroArray Service Offering Project Sample Size
Less than 2,000 samples Less than 10,000 samples More than 10,000 samples
Infinium 60 days 90 days Consult Sales Representative
iSelect and Standard Plus 60 days 120 days from SNP List Submission
90 days from Sample Submission
MicroArray Service Offering Project Sample Size
Less than 400 samples Less than 2,000 samples More than 2,000 samples
DNA Methylation 45 days 60 days Consult Sales Representative
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*Note that Illumina FastTrack Services will not accept any samples without a PO and an initial conference call with our project management team.

†Turnaround times shown above are dependent on receipt of a purchase order, Loci selection (if applicable) and acceptance of sample, whichever occurs last.