Flexible filtering of array results

Beeline Software

As the size of experimental array data sets increases—both in sample number and chip complexity—the time required to calculate array sample statistics and visually interrogate clusters becomes prohibitive. To minimize this time, large array data sets should be pre-filtered prior to analysis.

Beeline Software offers flexible filtering capabilities to reduce experimental array data size. The software pre-filters large data sets, reducing the overall data volume by eliminating any poorly performing loci (such as those with low signal intensity) and non-relevant variants across all samples. Filtered data can then be imported directly into GenomeStudio Software for analysis. In short, Beeline offers a direct path to data analysis for large array experiments.

Time-Saving Analysis

Enables automatic calculation of sample statistics and allele calls.

Reduced Data Size

Offers flexible user-defined parameters to select/deselect samples and loci for targeted downstream analysis.

Accessible Reporting

Generates text document output of numerous report formats.

Seamless Integration

Works directly with Infinium data output and creates projects for direct import into GenomeStudio Software.

  • 8 GB RAM on a 64-bit system
  • Windows Operating System

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Beeline Technical Support

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Beeline Software Training

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Beeline 2.0 Data Sheet
Beeline 2.0 Data Sheet

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