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The mission has always been clear: to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. That’s why we push the boundaries of genomic possibility so that researchers and clinicians can further accelerate their discoveries and applications to heal people and the planet.

Improving human health

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No matter your area of expertise, we’ve got you covered. Our full genomic solutions are designed to drive your research or clinical application to the next level.

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Our next-gen sequencing and greater fidelity chemistry is not only transforming research. It’s enabling life-changing precision health at scale.

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Unparalleled NGS range from benchtop to production scale

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Genetic analysis on any scale drives imaging accuracy and exceptional results

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Impact in action

Explore the research, applications, and changemakers catalyzing genomics. Featured news and analysis to unite, inspire, and feed our collective curiosity.

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Illumina DRAGEN v4.3: Comprehensive coverage with leading edge innovations

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Podcast stories explore unusual and surprising applications of genomics

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Research publication: June 17, 2024

Overcoming the challenges in PMS2 high-homology regions for improved detection of pathogenic variants associated with Lynch syndrome

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