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Develop your own diagnostic tests with the MiSeqDx

IVD Assay Development

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology can provide a broad view of the human genome, helping us discover and apply relevant genomic information to human health. Ultimately, identifying and understanding changes in the genome may lead to a more accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic selection.

Universal Kit for MiSeqDx Platform

Develop your own NGS diagnostic tests.

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Illumina is the leading provider of accurate, reliable NGS solutions. Now clinical laboratories can take advantage of powerful NGS technology with the MiSeqDx system.

At the heart of the system is the MiSeqDx instrument, stringently validated for design and performance. Customers can use the MiSeqDx Universal Kit, together with the MiSeqDx instrument, to develop their own IVD (in vitro diagnostic) assays, expanding their offerings to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

Interested in developing your own diagnostic test with the MiSeqDx system?

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