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Opportunities for New and Recent Graduates

Explore Early-Career Jobs in Tech and Biology

At Illumina, we are committed to ensuring that your transition from academia to industry is successful and fulfilling. We invest in the best and brightest recent grads from around the world and help you realize you’re capable of more than you ever imagined.

Rewarding experiences, growth potential, and innovation are the foundation for a fulfilling career, and yours starts here.

  • Unlimited: The potential of genomics and the freedom you’ll have to develop new and innovative ideas
  • Rewarding: Transform lives through your work and pushing your limits with the support of a team that inspires you and values your contributions
  • Pioneering: Illumina is transforming human health and the work you’ll do alongside best-in-field teams
Adventures in Genomics
You Stand Out from the Crowd. So Do We.

You Stand Out from the Crowd. So Do We.

  • Best American Midsize Employer (Forbes, 2018)
  • World’s Most Innovative Companies (Forbes, 2018)
  • Top 100 CEOs (Glassdoor, 2018)
  • Top 30 Ideal Employers in the Life Sciences (Biospace, 2017)
  • Great Place To Work, (Certified, 2017)
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Here’s What Recent Grads Have to Say

Caitlin's Photo
Quality Control Associate

Illumina’s fast-paced and dynamic environment means I’m constantly challenged to become a more well-rounded individual. With the NIC Experience program, I had the opportunity to understand the big picture of our work, how to prosper in my career, and further connect my values with the company. The resources and skills I obtained from the program helped give me the confidence to jump into projects on my team and constantly seek out new ways to be involved in Illumina’s community. Management’s focus on career development also means I can receive training to further develop skills for my career.

Shalin's Photo
Inside Sales Representative

While a lot of companies claim to have “culture,” the openness of people here, the energetic pace, and collaborative activity make Illumina distinguishable for someone who is new to their career. The New-In-Career program provided me with a network to build off of and workshops to transition to working and developing work-life balance. Additionally, the program provided experiences - such as impacting patients through volunteering and team building - that embody Illumina’s values and culture. By investing in the foundation of new employees, they set me up for success on my career track.

Claudia's Photo
Software Systems Engineer 2

Working at Illumina is more than anything I could have ever dreamed; it’s incredibly rewarding, always challenging, full of the world’s smartest people, and is actually changing the world in an incredibly tangible way. It’s truly amazing to work at a company where everyone is driven by our mission to improve human health and unlock the power of the genome. It’s not only infused in our work, but many of us live it out in our communities and lives as well: driving genomic education, volunteering in local hospitals, and raising money for research. That level of belief and commitment to what we’re doing inspires me every single day, and I can’t think of a company I’d be more proud to work for. There isn’t a more empowering way to start to my career, and I’m so incredibly grateful that I get to build mine here.

Alicia's Photo
Genetic Counselor 2

Illumina is such a great place to work, especially for someone who is early in their career development! The collaborative nature of our culture ensures you never feel isolated in your work and promotes access to key team members, to gather feedback when executing plans or making important decisions. I have always had the tools I need to do my job, and feel comfortable asking questions and discussing complicated issues with my manager and team members. You are encouraged to sustain work:life balance and are provided programs geared towards keeping employees healthy. I’m very grateful for the athletic facilities and programs, flexibility in my work schedule, and planned social activities like happy hours, company picnics, and celebrations for key milestones. Through the Illumina in the Community Program, I found a niche in helping with high school student STEM-focused educational visits and events featuring local patient advocacy efforts. Involvement in this program is one of my favorite parts of working for Illumina, and it definitely increases my job satisfaction by further expanding my network at Illumina and among the local San Diego community.

Key Qualities We Look for in New Grads

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help you thrive in our fast-paced environment
  • Strong oral and written communication ensures you work successfully with cross-functional teams
  • An open and collaborative mindset helps you adapt to a rapidly developing industry
  • Professionalism and a developed work ethic allow you to contribute in a meaningful way
  • Self-direction and self-awareness enable you to establish a rewarding career path

How Our Recruiting Process Works

Every journey from application to job offer is different. Generally, our hiring process includes the following steps:

  • Phone interview
  • Video interview
  • Onsite interview(s)
  • Offer letter

Ace Your Interview

Interviews are nerve-racking. Here are a few tips that will help you put your best foot forward:

  • Prepare questions about both the position and the company (the people interviewing you will always ask if you have questions—you never want to say “no”)
  • Practice common interview questions with a friend or family member
  • Dress professionally to establish a strong professional brand
  • Anticipate traffic and allow yourself ample time to get to the location
  • Expect to speak in depth about anything on your resume
Ace Your Interview

Entry-Level Job FAQs

What is the company culture like?

Our culture is open, collaborative, and optimistmic. We work together to bring a collection of best ideas and solutions, inspired by the promise of impacting human health with our technologies.

What promotion and development opportunities do you offer?

We encourage professional growth for all our employees. You’ll work with your manager to design a development plan tailored to your strengths and interests. Growth can be learning a new skillset, moving to a different area of the company, or a more traditional promotion once you have mastered your current level.

What are normal working hours?

There is no “normal” here. We are a 24-hour company thanks to our offices around the world. This means some employees work earlier or later than what’s considered normal. We also believe employees know when they work best and leave it up to them and their manager to find the right balance.

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