SAP Ariba Transition Guide

We are excited to announce that Illumina will be transitioning to a source-to-pay cloud-based technology solution from SAP Ariba. We are recommending all suppliers to register an SAP Ariba Network account to continue to transact with Illumina. This change will make our business transactions easier and strengthen our existing relationship.

Some advantages of this transition:

  • Accelerated cycle time
  • Automated exception-handling
  • Stronger compliance
  • Reduced savings leakage
  • Improved cash flow for suppliers
  • Automated capture of negotiated terms

To support you through this transition, we will provide you with resources to ensure your readiness to transact with us through the SAP Ariba Network. Read below for answers to some of our frequently asked questions and a summary of these changes. If you have additional questions, please reach out to our team at

Ariba Transition FAQs

Illumina will be transitioning to a source-to-pay solution from SAP Ariba. We are asking all of our suppliers to register for an SAP Ariba Network account to continue to transact with us.

With the transition to SAP Ariba to do business with Illumina, suppliers will use the Ariba Network to:

1 Update and self-manage their account information in the Ariba Onboarding portal (e.g. banking information, contact details, account administrator)
2 Receive NEW purchase orders (created on or after the go-live date for the suppliers)
3 Submit invoices against new purchase orders through your SAP Ariba Network account*

*Some countries will not have all functionality accessible on SAP Ariba based on regional requirements and restrictions. Further details will be communicated at a later date with more country and region-specific information.

Use the portal to review training material for SAP Ariba Network specifications to transact with Illumina.

Yes, we will ask all suppliers* to transact with Illumina on the SAP Ariba Network through an account type of their choice (Standard or Enterprise). To ensure a smooth transition, suppliers will still be able to use existing invoice submission processes for existing POs, but for new POs received through the Ariba Network, those related invoices must be submitted through the Ariba Network.

*Government entities and certain utilities organizations will be excluded from this change due to legal regulations that limit the amount of information that can be shared on POs sent through the SAP Ariba Network

For new suppliers, as soon they onboard. Existing suppliers, if you haven’t received any notification yet, please populate the enablement checklist and reach out to if you have questions. Go-Live dates will be provided by the Illumina enablement team according to your wave assignment. As a heads up, releases are happening bi-weekly, always on a Thursday. If you lose the chance to be enabled in a wave, there will be another opportunity very soon.

Transacting with Illumina on the SAP Ariba Network may be required, but the choice of which account to use is up to suppliers. Suppliers have the option of using one of two SAP Ariba account types: standard or enterprise.

Standard accounts

  • Free to suppliers
  • Provides transaction functionality through interactive emails and view access of purchase orders and invoices
  • View history limited to the latest 200 documents on the suppliers’ SAP Ariba portal

Enterprise accounts

  • Incurs fees based on transaction volume
  • Unlimited purchase order and invoice view access
  • 24/7 online support from SAP Ariba
  • Centralized supplier dashboard
  • Ability to run reports
  • Capability to opt in/publish Ariba Catalogs
  • Capability to build an integration between the Ariba Network and supplier enterprise system

For a more detailed comparison of standard and enterprise accounts, please visit SAP Ariba’s official site.

Note - we are recommending that some of our suppliers transact with Illumina using an enterprise account due to their historical volume of transactions. However, all suppliers have the option of transacting through a free standard account. Suppliers choosing to register a standard account will also have the option to upgrade to enterprise at any time.

Suppliers choosing to transact with Illumina on the SAP Ariba Network using an enterprise account incur costs in the form of fees. The cost structure for enterprise suppliers depends on the volume of transactions (i.e. total spend) and the number of documents (e.g. POs, invoices, service entry sheets, and service entry sheet responses) transmitted through the SAP Ariba Network. Pricing may vary by country or currency, so please visit the Ariba supplier hub for a full breakdown of supplier SAP Ariba Network fees: Network Accounts and Pricing website.

No. As Illumina is only asking suppliers to sign up for a free standard account at minimum. Illumina is not paying SAP Ariba Network fees for suppliers opting to sign up for a fee-based enterprise account.

Existing purchase order updates and invoices that were received via your Illumina point of contact can continue to be processed through the current Illumina tools and methods (e.g. PDF Invoice Submission). Illumina will monitor to ensure no legacy purchase orders or invoices are missed.

New purchase orders received through the SAP Ariba Network must invoiced to Illumina through the SAP Ariba Network. Please note that current Illumina methods for processing purchase orders and invoices will ultimately be discontinued and all business transactions with Illumina will go through the SAP Ariba Network in the future.

Suppliers who already have an existing SAP Ariba account that they would like to use to transact with Illumina should share this existing SAP Ariba Network ID with Illumina by populating the enablement checklist with current information and reaching out to Suppliers will need to associate their existing account with Illumina as a trading partner on the SAP Ariba Network. This is done by completing the trading relationship request (TRR) agreement that suppliers receive from SAP Ariba and the setup will be completed upon go-live notification.

Illumina preferred and currently only method available to integrate source to pay transactions with our suppliers is thru Ariba Network. If the supplier desires to integrate its ERP system with ours, the supplier's team has to follow the steps below:

1 Supplier to get an Ariba account: please check other question/information about Ariba account in this FAQ page. Illumina team is not involved in the supplier account creation process.
2 Supplier to integrate their system to Ariba Network: Information Systems team to connect supplier ERP system to Ariba Network. This activity, along with the data transfer mapping, is performed by the supplier with Ariba support only. Illumina team doesn’t support this activity.
3 Supplier to use their Ariba Network account to integrate with Illumina source to pay process via Ariba Network: Illumina has a dedicated team to manage these requests. To check B2B integration eligibility reach out to Integration projects will be approved based on the criticality of the business, volume of transactions and dispositioned based on team availability.

We value our relationship and are here to work with you. We have teams dedicated to supporting you through this process: