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Complex Disease Genomics

Video: Customer Focus on Edinburgh Genomics

Scottish partnership paving the way to advances in research and personalized medicine

Customer Focus on Edinburgh Genomics
December 14, 2016

Edinburgh Genomics is a world leading genomics institution delivering cutting-edge analyses to global collaborators and customers across academia, government, and industry.  Its investment in the HiSeq X® technology has enabled the organization to lead the way for genomics in Scotland by providing a richer picture of diversity from evolution and ecology to improved diagnosis and disease management.  Edinburgh Genomics overcame the challenges of establishing a state-of-the-art genomics facility by using the abundant scientific expertise in Edinburgh and deploying trusted end-to-end solutions such as Illumina SeqLab.  With trusted experts and confidence to deliver high quality results, Edinburgh Genomics is rapidly changing global research and future patient care.

The value of whole genome sequencing is also demonstrated through the Scottish Genomes Partnership in which the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow have come together to focus on the rapid screening of cancer patients, diagnosing childhood illnesses, rare genetic diseases, and disorders of the central nervous system and population studies.  In collaboration with the NHS in both Scotland and England, and Genomics England, which leads the 100,000 Genomes Project, they aim to link genome data with clinical information to enable precise, molecular diagnoses for patients, with a view to personalized treatment and safer selection of drug therapies.  Edinburgh Genomics’ holistic approach to genomics has already made an impact on research in Scotland and its efforts will continue to change the field in the future.

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