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Illumina Genomics 101: In the Classroom @ Chase Elementary

7 views | 3 months ago

Description: Illumina employees visited 3rd graders at Chase Elementary in the Cajon Valley Union School District of San Diego, CA. Employees shared about the basics of genomics and showed students...

Giving Back at Illumina: Joy Jars

30 views | 3 months ago

At Illumina we want our employees to connect with our mission and the communities where they live and work. To help make these connections, in June 2018, we partnered with the Jessie Rees Foundation...

European Customers Share their Genomics Stories- ESHG 2018

396 views | 4 months ago

Our customers discuss how technological advances have changed the field of genomics, and how their work will shape the future. Subscribe to the Illumina video channel

BioIT 2018

284 views | 5 months ago

We caught up with Anthony Philippakis, Chief Data Officer at The Broad Institute, and Susan Tousi, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Illumina, at the 2018 Bio-IT World Conference in Boston,...

The VeriSeq™ NIPT Solution

411 views | 5 months ago

It’s time to rethink NIPT. Introducing the VeriSeq NIPT solution, a powerful screening test from Illumina that can provide information on the health of a developing fetus using a simple maternal blood...

Utilizing NIPT in a maternal-fetal medicine practice: Dr. Martin Chavez

190 views | 5 months ago

Dr. Martin Chavez, Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Winthrop University Hospital discusses why he recommends noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT). He notes that its accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity...

The Science Behind NIPT

1113 views | 5 months ago

The VeriSeq™ NIPT solution from Illumina is a powerful screening test that can provide information on the health of a developing fetus using a simple maternal blood draw. Cell-free DNA, released by...

VeriSeq™ NIPT: The New Standard in Prenatal Screening

255 views | 5 months ago

If you think noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is too complicated, think again. Discover VeriSeq NIPT, a different approach from Illumina. Built on industry-leading technology, the solution is simple,...