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Nextera™ Flex for Enrichment is the fastest and most flexible targeted sequencing solution for DNA in the Illumina library prep portfolio:

  • A time-saving solution that is 85% faster than the standard Illumina library prep and enrichment
  • Integrated DNA extraction protocols for blood and saliva
  • Optimized performance using bead-based library prep chemistry for reliable results
  • Compatibility with custom, fixed, or whole exome panels from Illumina or 3rd party oligo vendors

Nextera Flex for Enrichment uses a fast, user-friendly workflow. On-bead tagmentation chemistry is combined with a simplified, single hybridization protocol to reduce total workflow time. From DNA input and extraction to library normalization, enrichment, and post-enrichment amplification, the total assay time is ~ 6.5 hours, and total hands-on time is ~2 hours.

Nextera Flex for Enrichment supports a broad DNA input range (10-1000 ng high-quality genomic DNA or 50 ng FFPE DNA) and multiple sample types, including blood, saliva, genomic DNA, and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue. The Flex Lysis Reagent Kit enables fast DNA extraction from blood and saliva samples to go directly into library prep, reducing the number of required quantification steps to maximize cost-effectiveness.

While accommodating various study requirements, the Nextera Flex for Enrichment solution delivers consistent insert sizes, uniform coverage, optimized performance, and highly reproducible data across all Illumina sequencing systems.

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Date & Time
Feb 20, 2019
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT
North America
Illumina, Inc.
Grace DeSantis, Ph.D. Director, Product Development
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