NTRK fusions are rare but important recent biomarkers linked to response to new TRK inhibitors. Comprehensive genomic profiling on all solid tumors permits detection of rare genomic events and in the future may enables the use of emerging treatments such as NTRK inhibitors. NTRK genes include numerous potential fusion partners, large intronic regions and G-C rich content, making accurate and comprehensive detection of NTRK fusions difficult to perform in the lab. Amongst the variable performance of NTRK fusion assays, NTRK detection from RNA using Hybrid-Capture NGS provides comprehensive and accurate fusion detection, agnostic of the fusion partner. 

Phillip Febbo, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Illumina, Inc.

Maude Champagne
Clinical Oncology Marketing, Illumina, Inc.

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Date & Time
Feb 27, 2019
8:00 AM
North America
Oncology, Cancer research, Cellular & molecular biology
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