10x Genomics and Illumina are excited to bring you a webinar, highlighted by a presentation given by Swetha Anandhan from the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas entitled “From Bedside to Bench: Immune profiling of human tumors identifies CD73 as a combinatorial target in glioblastoma.” Swetha is a doctoral candidate in the laboratory of Dr. Padmanee Sharma whose research is focused on elucidating the mechanisms that bolster the ability of malignant cells to evade checkpoint blockade immunotherapy. Her talk will highlight the use of single cell RNA-sequencing to identify a unique population of macrophages in glioblastoma multiforme that persists after treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Swetha Anandhan
MD Anderson Cancer Center


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Steve Hoffman
Illumina, Inc.


Jason Kim
10X Genomics



Date & Time
Sep 1, 2020
9:00 AM PDT
North America
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Swetha Anandhan
Cellular & Molecular Biology
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