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The NextSeq 2000 offers an intuitive workflow with load-and-go ease, on board informatics, and flexibility to run many Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications, including RNA Sequencing, single cell methods, exome sequencing and more. By using the same lab tools you are familiar with, you can prepare the samples for the NextSeq 2000 to study gene expression of more targets in less time and cost-effectively compared to traditional genetic analysis technologies. This system also supports single cell methods like gene expression and antibody-based protein detection simultaneous from the same individual cell. Register below to see a virtual instrument demo and learn more about these solutions enabled by Illumina’s newest platform followed by open audience Q&A.


  • Introduction to NextSeq 2000
  • Approaches to Bulk RNA Seq, Target Enrichment, and ATAC Seq
  • Single Cell RNA Seq and CITE Seq Applications
  • Virtual Instrument Demo

Fiona Nohilly Fiona Nohilly
Sr Product Marketing Manager


Steve Hoffman Steven Hoffman
Staff Segment Marketing Manager

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Date & Time
Jun 23, 2020
11:00 AM PDT
North America
Fiona Nohilly and Steve Hoffman
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