In this webinar, Dr. Charlie Johnson, founder of the Texas A&M AgriLife Genomics and Bioinformatics Service, will share how his team is utilizing Illumina’s DRAGEN informatics platform in its high-throughput agrigenomics research program. 

Increases in sequencing power, laboratory automation, and bioinformatics have revolutionized agriculture genomics, but until the rise of the DRAGEN system, computing was the biggest roadblock for Dr. Johnson’s team. He will discuss how the platform has enabled his lab to reduce post-run data processing time from days to hours and in some cases minutes.

Dr. Johnson will also share how his team has expanded use of the DRAGEN system across the whole analysis pipeline, describe areas where the power of the platform’s hardware acceleration provides the best performance, and outline work being done to further improve efficiency.

Illumina’s Stephanie Black will review the DRAGEN technology, discuss key application areas, summarize recent advancements, and walk through the growing DRAGEN access points, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Charles Johnson, PhD
Executive Director and Founder
Texas A&M AgriLife Genomics and Bioinformatics Service


Stephanie Black
Global Product Marketing Manager
Software, Illumina


Date & Time
Jul 9, 2020
10:00 AM PDT | 1:00 PM EDT
North America
Texas A&M AgriLife Genomics and Bioinformatics Service
Charles D. Johnson
Agrigenomics, Software and Informatics
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