Does whole-genome sequencing (WGS) of critically ill infants improve their care? The NICUSeq study, a randomized time-delayed trial involving five children’s hospitals, set out to find answers. Join Dr. Ryan Taft of Illumina and from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Dr. Ian Krantz and Livija Medne, CGC, to learn about the study design, NICU patient recruitment, implementation, analysis, and interpretation of key findings.

Learn about:

  • Why the NICUSeq study group formed and what evidence gap it was designed to address
  • The NICUSeq study design and its key findings
  • Considerations for implementing diagnostic whole-genome sequencing to serve an acute care setting
Dr. Ryan Taft

Dr. Ryan Taft
VP, Scientific Research

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Dr. Ian Krantz
Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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Līvija Medne, MS, LCGC
Co-Director, Roberts Individualized Medical Genetics Center
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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Date & Time
Dec 15, 2021
8:00 AM
North America
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Illumina
Dr. Ian Krantz, Līvija Medne, MS, CGC, and Dr. Ryan Taft
Genetic & Rare Diseases
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