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Microarray Service Team

Illumina FastTrack Services combines high-performance Illumina platforms and technology with expert project managers, scientists, lab staff and engineers. The result? High-quality array data to support your research projects. The team is dedicated to providing the best service for every customer. They are similarly committed to evolving Illumina technology to accelerate genomics discoveries.

FastTrack Service’s customers benefit from the continued collaboration from the research development and quality teams within Illumina. Advancements in the microarray field are translated to customers, resulting in continually improved technologies and superior results.

Your FTS Team

“Our collaborative experience with the Illumina FastTrack Genotyping Services group and interactions with the scientists and staff has been exceptional. The Project Managers are knowledgeable and committed to quick turnaround of high quality data which has led to successful publications in top tier journals.”

Megan L. Grove, MS
Research Coordinator, Human Genetics Center, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Years of Biotech Experience

The Illumina FastTrack Services team is rich with genomic expertise. The majority of the microarray team has over 2 years of genomic experience. This background ensures the best service and highest quality data for every project. The team has the technical expertise to not only understand the technology but also to creatively approach projects and provide the best solutions to meet the customer’s needs.

Highest Education Level

In addition, 48% of the team has an advanced degree in biological sciences or genomics; this improves the overall operations of the lab and ensures that we are meeting the scientific needs of our customers. Having the education to support our technology enables the team to engage actively with each customer to gain a better understanding of their project and the scientific pursuit.

“Overall, our experience working with Illumina has been simply outstanding. The scientific and service staff of this organization are highly talented and committed individuals…The staff of Illumina went well beyond the normal service requirement in order to maximize information yield on these samples.”

Peter K. Gregerson, M.D.
Center Head, The Robert S. Boas Center for Genomics and Human Genetics

To maintain success of a high-throughput lab that delivers high-quality data in rapid time, the lab management team works diligently to ensure processes are maintained and up to quality standards.

Illumina FastTrack Services provides personalized customer service with dedicated scientific experts. Our project management staff is readily available to assist customers with project enrollment, routine project updates and data delivery. They provide support to ensure the success of each project, delivering high-quality data with fast turnaround time.

The Illumina FastTrack Services team would not be successful without the additional support from Illumina’s life-cycle management engineers and equipment engineers. With their end-to-end support, our customers benefit from a seamless process to deliver high quality microarray results.

Josh Bernd
Associate Director, Illumina Genomic Services

Josh Bernd received his Bachelor of Science from University of California, San Diego. After working with radioactive P32 end labeling, Sanger sequencing, and cDNA microarrays, Josh joined Illumina in 2002. At Illumina, Josh participated in the launch of the first GoldenGate assay and development of the Infinium assay. Throughout the development, Josh specialized in improvements to Illumina’s manufacturing processes.

With the acquisition of Solexa, Josh pioneered the on-boarding of human whole-genome sequencing in Illumina FastTrack Services. Josh set up production on the GA system and ultimately transitioned to the HiSeq system. Josh led automation of one of the largest genomic centers in the world, including enablement of a Laboratiory Information Management (LIMS) system to ensure positive sample tracking for every project. Under Josh’s guidance, FastTrack Sequencing Services sequenced over 10,000 samples, including the launch of the first human genome in 14 days — providing researchers with the ability to make biological discoveries in record time.

Mark Hansen
Senior Staff Scientist, Illumina Genomic Services

Mark received his doctorate from Oregon Health Sciences University, specializing in medical microbiology and immunology. During his doctoral studies, he focused on understanding the structural elements and their self-assembly properties of retroviruses including HIV-1. He gained valuable molecular biology experience during his post-doctoral studies at the Salk Institute, where he contributed to the development of both in vitro and in vivo assay to identify inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase enzyme. His work ultimately lead to several patents and licenses within the medical community.

In 2000, Mark joined the Illumina FastTrack Services project management team where he supported over 200 microarray projects. He has supported the completion of over 1,000,000 genotyped samples. Mark has established numerous key collaborations within Illumina and with Illumina’s customers to help launch multiple array products and department operations. He was recently awarded a grant through NHLBI to study Hispanic genomics and manages the project through Illumina FastTrack Services using a custom array. With his high level of expertise, he is well-suited to help customers in their study design including SNP loci selection and product selection to best meet a customer’s needs. He is the first point of contact for FastTrack Services microarray customers, ensuring a smooth development for every project.

Karine Viaud-Martinez
Scientific Manager, Illumina Genomic Services

Karine received a master’s in oceanography from Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris and a master’s in evolutionary biology and conservation genetics from San Diego State University, focusing on morphological and genetic distinctiveness of endangered population of dolphins and porpoises. She continues to be involved in cetacean conservation projects and has established collaborations with researchers from all over the world. Her contributions in molecular ecology and conservation genetics have resulted in the conservation of wild populations of dolphins and porpoises.

In 2005, Karine joined the Illumina FastTrack Services project management team as a scientist where she supported large scale genotyping projects. She was part of the development of the first Infinium whole-genome genotyping products, and the pioneer team who developed the methodology to analyze data for millions of loci generated with Illumina Infinium beadchips. She performed the post-synthesis analysis for multiple microarray products from the HumanHap300 to the HumanOmni2.5. In 2011, Karine extended her expertise to next generation sequencing to support large scale sequencing projects. She currently oversees the FastTrack project management group. Through her leadership, the team has developed and streamlined scalable processes, further enhancing project management and customer support. Karine manages between 60 to 100 projects at a time for customers ranging from academia to pharmaceutical companies, and is a key contributor to the development of software applications and lab process implementations.

Joey Flores
Project Manager, Illumina Genomic Services

Joey Flores received a Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of California, San Diego. At the Salk Institute, Joey contributed to the identification of two distinct T-DNA homozygous insertion lines for every gene in Arabidopsis, where only 30,000 mutant lines have been isolated to date. Joey’s contributions have been applied to reverse genetic screens to systematically test for functional roles of genes in Arabidopsis.

In 2011, Joey joined Illumina FastTrack Services as a member of the library preparation team. Joey made significant contributions to the optimization and development of high-throughput processes for whole genome and exome enrichment library preparation. Joey has expertise using Illumina’s TruSeq technology, generating high quality libraries for sequencing on Illumina’s HiSeq system. Joey handles the customer inference and management of over 40 projects, ensuring the proper on-boarding and delivery of customer data.

Linda Gutierrez
Project Manager, Illumina Genomic Services

Linda Gutierrez received a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego. In 2010, she joined Illumina FastTrack Services to work with the microarray team, where she trained on the Infinium platform, providing high-throughput genotyping data to customers. Linda later transitioned to the whole-genome sequencing team, contributing to the deployment of the GA system’s technology and later the implementation of the HiSeq technology into Services.

Linda helped expand lab operations from a small sequencing facility to a world-class genomic center generating the highest output of human whole-genome sequencing data. Linda excels at adapting and implementing new processes to streamline protocols, enabling FastTrack Services to scale to meet demand. Building on her laboratory expertise, Linda is currently part of the project management team where she has contributed to the success of multiple projects. Her insight from the laboratory has enabled her to relate to each customer to provide more informative responses and address any concerns. As a customer’s primary point of contact, she is well equipped to help customers understand the sequencing process from sample submission to data delivery. Linda has ample experience QC’ing the quality of sequencing data, providing customers with the assurance that they will receive the highest quality data.

LCM Engineers

Life-Cycle Management (LCM) engineers monitor lab metrics to ensure we produce the highest quality data. They optimize and streamline current procedures and workflows, while also developing, testing and integrating new technologies as they become available.


Equipment Engineers maintain, analyze and improve instruments as well as resolve reoccurring issues. They ensure our lab is able to consistently produce the maximum number of high quality microarray results with the minimum amount of downtime. Equipment engineers handle instrument installations, maintenance and implementation of new developments as well as perform equipment engineering design evaluations and solutions.

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