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With an extensive toolset for a wide variety of applications and species, Illumina microarray and sequencing technologies touch many steps of the agricultural genomics pipeline, enhancing knowledge of the genetic foundations of production, reproduction, and health. Explore the featured solutions below, or see all agrigenomics kits and reagents.

Products and Services
Featured Instrument

Empower your research with the iScan System. This revolutionary high-precision array scanner supports an extensive range of applications, unlocking the potential for discovery and screening in any species.

Featured Array

iSelect HD Custom Genotyping BeadChips offer the ability to interrogate virtually any SNP for any species. With high multiplexing and flexible multi-sample array formats, these custom arrays open up new opportunities for agricultural studies and screening.

Featured Array
BovineLD Beadchip

The BovineLD BeadChip enables accurate genotyping to understand the impact of genetics on milk production, reproduction, health, and more.

Featured Array
Beadchip Maize

The MaizeLD BeadChip offers cost-effective and scalable content for EDV assessment and other maize breeding applications.

Featured Instruments

The HiSeq 2500 Sequencing System provides two run modes for unprecedented application flexibility and scalable data output, fast walk-away workflows, and exceptional data quality.

NextSeq 500

The NextSeq 500 Sequencing System is the first and only desktop sequencer to offer exome, transcriptome, and whole-genome sequencing.

MiSeq Sequencing System

The MiSeq Sequencing System is a desktop sequencer optimized for fast turnaround and multiple applications, including targeted resequencing.

Featured Sequencing Kits

TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Preparation Kit with Ribo-Zero Plant provides an RNA-Seq library preparation solution that captures a complete view of the plant transcriptome.

TruSeq Custom Amplicon is an amplicon-based assay for targeted resequencing and is now customizable for studies in bovine. This highly targeted approach can sequence up to 1536 amplicons in a single reaction.

TruSeq Bovine Parentage Sequencing Panel enables parentage testing of multiple beef and dairy cattle breeds, with added genotyping of relevant traits in a single assay.

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Small Research Lab Increases Efficiency with LIMS
Small Research Lab Increases Efficiency with LIMS

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