CanineHD Whole-Genome Genotyping BeadChip

This array enables genotyping of any domestic dog breed, and offers ample SNP density for within-breed association and CNV studies. Read More...
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Featuring highly polymorphic single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) content and providing uniform genomic coverage, the CanineHD BeadChip array enables the interrogation of genetic variation in any domestic dog breed.

Importantly, this BeadChip presents an average of greater than 70 markers per megabase (Mb), providing ample SNP density for robust within-breed association and copy number variation (CNV) studies.

This BeadChip contains more than 170,000 markers placed on the CanFam2.0 reference sequence. Illumina developed this array in collaboration with the LUPA Consortium, which includes 22 European universities and other partners such as the Broad Institute.

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