MyGenome App

Visualize genomic data on an iPad with the Illumina MyGenome App. This educational tool enables users to explore our current understanding of variation in the human genome with results displayed in a graphically accessible format. View the genome of Jay Flatley, former Illumina CEO, or download your own genome generated through the Illumina Clinical Services Laboratory. Within the App, you can:

  • Tour the landscape of chromosomes and see how variants in more than 1600 genes may impact health.
  • Discover how different genetic variants may be passed on to our children.
  • Find out how changes in the genome may affect our response to 16 different drugs*

*Requires new TruGenome Predisposition Screen clinical report update. Don't have the enhanced TruGenome Predisposition Screen update yet? Contact us at

MyGenome App on iTunes

MyGenome App

Download the MyGenome App from iTunes.

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For Research Use Only.