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Ultra–high–resolution HLA typing

HLA Sequencing

Sequencing the HLA region can provide critical insight into immune disorders. Achieving high-resolution human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing results with conventional methods requires multiple assays, systems, and analysis programs. HLA typing by next-generation sequencing (NGS) generates unambiguous, phase-resolved HLA typing results using a single assay, system, and analysis program.

A New Paradigm in HLA Sequencing
A New Paradigm in HLA Sequencing

Achieve high accuracy, efficiency, and certainty in HLA typing—all in a single assay. Together we are transforming possibility into progress, with our tools to accelerate genetic research and your commitment to improve human health.

Sequencing HLA genes has been notoriously difficult due to high levels of sequence homology, dense variability, and poor characterization of the thousands of HLA alleles in the population. Highly accurate and robust Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry is the most successful and widely adopted NGS technology worldwide.* Find out why this technology is becoming the platform of choice for HLA sequencing.

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Targeted Sequencing

Featured HLA Sequencing Research

Tumor-Specific HLA Ligands
Precision Immunotherapies Using Tumor-Specific HLA Ligands

RNA-Seq and HLA typing are increasing the power and efficiency of a target discovery platform.

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Targeted DNA Analysis
HLA Genetics & Autoimmune Disease

Researchers query the genome with NGS and perform HLA genotyping to identify novel risk loci for immune-mediated disease.

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DNA sequencing
Exploring HLA Diversity in Brazil

Drawing upon the genetic diversity of Brazilians, researchers develop an HLA variation database.

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The TruSight HLA Sequencing Panel v2 produces high-resolution typing of 11 HLA loci. This comprehensive sample-to-report solution for HLA typing includes reagents and software optimized for HLA analysis. A simplified workflow enables turnaround time of less than 48 hours and increased efficiency with less than 4.5 hours of hands-on time.

HLA Sample to Report
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Introducing TruSight HLA
Evolution of HLA Typing

The TruSight HLA sequencing solution offers streamlined, economical, and high-quality ultra-high–resolution HLA typing.

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Illumina Sequencing by Synthesis
Illumina Sequencing by Synthesis

Illumina SBS chemistry has revolutionized the study of genomics. See SBS chemistry in action.

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TruSight HLA v2 Whitepaper
White Paper: HLA Sequencing

Results of repeated sequencing of 72 International Histocompatibility Working Group (IHWG) reference samples.

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