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Kits, reagents, and clinical research products compatible with the MiniSeq benchtop sequencer

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Library Preparation Kits
Nextera DNA Library Preparation Kit

Nextera DNA kits provide a fast and easy library prep workflow, delivering whole-genome sequencing libraries in under 90 min.

Nextera Rapid Capture Custom Enrichment Kit

Custom target enrichment kit to rapidly interrogate those portions of the human genome most important to your specific research.

Nextera XT DNA Library Preparation Kit

Prepare sequencing libraries for small genomes, PCR amplicons, plasmids, or cDNA in less than 90 minutes, with a low DNA input requirement.

TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input Kit

This library prep kit delivers sensitive and specific amplicon sequencing results from both low-input and FFPE DNA samples.

TruSeq Custom Amplicon v1.5

Focus on key genomic regions of interest with this targeted resequencing solution, useful for very high plexity pools or longer amplicons.

TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Library Preparation Kit

Simple, all-inclusive whole-genome sequencing (WGS) library preparation that provides accurate and comprehensive coverage of complex genomes.

TruSeq Nano DNA Library Prep Kit

Generate whole-genome sequencing libraries and efficiently interrogate samples with limited available DNA.

TruSeq Nano DNA Library Prep Kit for NeoPrep

DNA library preparation for use with the NeoPrep System, providing comprehensive genomic coverage with low DNA input and minimal hands-on time.

TruSeq Small RNA Library Preparation Kits

These kits provide a simple, cost-effective solution for generating miRNA and small RNA sequencing libraries directly from total RNA, for any species.

TruSeq Targeted RNA Expression Library Prep Kits

Targeted RNA assays for gene expression studies: custom sequencing panels with a simple workflow and automated data analysis.

Cluster Generation and Sequencing Reagents
MiniSeq Reagent Kit

MiniSeq Reagent Kits bring the power of Illumina NGS to labs of all sizes. Access cost-efficient sequencing, even for low numbers of samples.

PhiX Control v3

PhiX Control v3 is a ready-to-use control library for Illumina sequencing runs.

Informatics Products
BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS is a laboratory information management system that helps laboratories track samples and optimize procedures and workflows.

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer allows you to integrate and analyze subject and genomic data together using innovative visualization and analysis tools.

BaseSpace Correlation Engine

BaseSpace Correlation Engine mines over 20,000 genomic studies to get data-driven answers for genes, experiments, drugs and phenotypes for your research.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub

Simplify your bioinformatics with an economical and powerful computing environment to manage, analyze, and share data.

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter (Beta)

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter (Beta) enables genetic testing labs to rapidly annotate, filter, and interpret genomic data.

Clinical Research Products
TruSeq Amplicon - Cancer Panel

The TruSeq Amplicon - Cancer Panel is a highly multiplexed targeted resequencing assay for detecting somatic mutations.

TruSight Cancer

This expert-defined sequencing panel targets 94 genes and 284 SNPs associated with a predisposition towards various cancers.

TruSight Cardio Sequencing Kit

This kit provides researchers with a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for identifying causal variants implicated in inherited cardiac conditions (ICCs).

TruSight HLA v2 Sequencing Panel

Unambiguous, phase-resolved HLA typing in a single assay using proven Illumina NGS technology and Assign analysis software.

TruSight Inherited Disease

TruSight Inherited Disease is a targeted sequencing panel that focuses on 552 genes associated with severe, recessive pediatric onset diseases.

TruSight Myeloid Sequencing Panel

The TruSight Myeloid Sequencing Panel targets variants associated with myeloid malignancies such as AML, MDS, MPN, CML, CMML, and JMML.

TruSight One Sequencing Panel

This panel focuses on exonic regions harboring disease-causing variants. Labs can perform commonly ordered molecular assays on-site with one assay.

TruSight RNA Fusion Panel

Provides comprehensive gene fusion detection in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and other cancer research samples.

TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer

Targeting 1385 cancer genes for gene expression, variant, and fusion detection studies in many RNA sample types including blood, bone marrow, and FFPE.

TruSight Rapid Capture

TruSight Rapid Capture all-in-one kits enable targeted sequencing library preparation and enrichment for up to 96 samples in only 1.5 days.

TruSight Tumor 15

Focused sequencing panel to assess 15 genes that are commonly mutated in solid tumors in a single assay, with a simple, rapid workflow.

TruSight Tumor 26

This targeted sequencing panel enables clinical researchers to identify low-frequency variation in solid tumors across 26 genes.