Molecular biology reagents

Find reagents to improve the efficiency and data quality of sequencing and microarray studies, including ribosomal RNA removal kits, QC kits, buffers, enzymes, and more.

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Visit the Ribo-Zero rRNA depletion selection guide to learn more about ribosomal RNA (rRNA) removal and compare Ribo-Zero reagents.

Technologies from Epicentre, a leading provider of specialized molecular biology enzymes and nucleic acid sample extraction reagents, were integrated into the Illumina portfolio in 2011. Key technologies include Nextera chemistry, a transposon-based approach for rapid, simple next-generation sequencing library preparation, and Ribo-Zero for ribosomal RNA removal.

Illumina DNA Prep products, formerly known as Nextera DNA Flex, use on-bead tagmentation, a bead-linked transposome approach previously referred to as Nextera chemistry.

Illumina DNA Prep (formerly known as Nextera DNA Flex) and Ribo-Zero products are available from Illumina. Various molecular biology reagents previously available from Epicentre or Lucigen can now be purchased from Biosearch Technologies. Examples include: 

  • QuickExtract DNA and RNA extraction kits 
  • MMLV reverse transcriptase kits 
  • FailSafe PCR reagents 

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