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Introducing Illumina Connected Analytics

To unlock the next wave of omics discovery we must analyze, manage, aggregate, mine, and explore data more efficiently. Now, we can.

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The Illumina software and informatics portfolio includes some of the fastest, most accurate, and advanced solutions for analysis, interpretation, and data aggregation. Our comprehensive software, informatics, and data solutions stand alongside Illumina sequencers to offer:

  • Seamless Sequencer Integration
  • Rapid and Accurate Secondary Analysis
  • Flexible Data Storage
  • Scalable and Customizable Infrastructure
  • Advanced Data Science and Automation Tools
  • Security and Compliance

Custom Solutions for End-to-End Support

Lab Workbench
Panel Design Sample & Workflow Management Instrument Run Setup & Management Genomics Run & Monitoring
Data Workbench
Secondary Data Analysis Data Management & Collaboration Interpretation & Case Reprting Translational Research
Lab Optimization

A simple and powerful method for evaluating loci and creating successful custom genotyping array and sequencing panels.

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

Laboratory information management system to help genomics labs track samples and manage workflows.

Fast and Accurate Secondary Analysis

The platform for ultra-rapid secondary genomic analysis with highly accurate reults, diverse applications, and frequent updates. DRAGEN can process NGS data for an entire human genome at 30x coverage in about 25 minutes. Now with DRAGEN ORA compression technology, DRAGEN can losslessly compress FASTQ files up to 5x.

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Interpretation and Reporting
TruSight Software Suite

Software designed for better understanding and potential solutions in rare disease. With ultra-rapid variant calling, simplified case management, intuitive interpretation mechanisms, and a secure environment, TSS drives standards in sequencing discovery.

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Data and Analytics for Large-Scale Genomics
Illumina Connected Analytics

Built for high-volume multi-omics operations limited by data silos and a lack of bioinformatics and data science tools. Illumina Connected Analytics delivers a robust, enterprise-grade, versatile platform empowering automated omics workflows, on-demand scalability, integrated data science tools, designed with data privacy and security in mind.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub

Cloud based run planning and simplified bioinformatics for labs that are getting started and rapidly scaling next-generation sequencing.

Variant Interpreter

Perform rapid, rich, and accurate annotation of genomic data for individual subjects.

Correlation Engine

Gain access to one of the largest biological databases in the world to get data-driven answers for genes, experiments, drugs and phenotypes.

Cohort Analyzer

Integrate and analyze subject and genomic data together using innovative visualization and analysis tools.

RUGD Workflow

TSS v2.0 incorporates a seamless integration with sequencers and BaseSpace SequenceHub, as well as an integrated AI-based variant prioritization tool. The updated TSS workflow reduces interpretation time and allows users to explore variants associated with rare disease.

  • Exome support
  • Sequencer integration
  • AI-based variant prioritization

Developer Portals and Community Resources

Access API, application, and developer documentation as well as binary downloads and installers. Collaborate in real-time with like-minded collegues.

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Open Source Tools

Access high-quality, freely available software designed by trusted Illumina engineers and partners.

Help Documentation

Learn how to get started, read about our native apps, SDKs and sample apps, developer tools, and more.


Product files and installable software for use with Illumina products.

Simple, Value-Based Pricing


One easy annual fee with tiered access

Tiers based on:

  • Number of users
  • Size of enterprise

Scale up or down, depending on your needs

Choose your amounts of:

  • Storage
  • Computational load

Increase capabilities with individual features

Product specific customization:

  • Access to premium tools
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