MiSeqDx Universal Kit

A validated, FDA-cleared kit that enables molecular diagnostic laboratories to design their own next-generation sequencing assays for use on the MiSeqDx System. Read More...

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MiSeqDx Universal Kit (2 runs, up to 96 samples)


Materials Required, Sold Separately
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TruSeq Index Plate Fixture Kit (2 fixtures)



TruSeq Index Plate Fixture & Collar Kit (2 each)



Product Highlights

  • Flexible Assay Design - Develop assays to meet the specific needs of your customers
  • Validated Kit – Verified performance standards for supplied library preparation and sequencing reagents
  • Fast Results - Go from genomic DNA to fully analyzed data in < 2 days
  • High Assay Reproducibility - Consistent results between multiple operators and systems

The MiSeqDx Universal Kit is a validated, FDA-cleared amplicon sequencing solution that enables clinical laboratories to develop their own next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays for use on the FDA-cleared MiSeqDx instrument. Together, the MiSeqDx Universal Kit and instrument offer molecular diagnostics labs the accuracy and reliability needed to bring NGS capabilities into their facilities.

Customized assay design

With the MiSeqDx Universal Kit, molecular diagnostics labs develop assays using oligonucleotide probes they have designed on their own. This provides users with the flexibility to target specific regions of interest and better meet the needs of their customers.

Streamlined workflow

Prepare libraries, load on to the MiSeqDx for sequencing using the Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry, and analyze with the user-friendly software. The automated workflow is quick and easy to perform, potentially minimizing human error.


Intended Use

The MiSeqDx Universal Kit 1.0 is a set of reagents used in the processing of human genomic DNA samples derived from peripheral whole blood, and in the subsequent targeted sequencing of the resulting sample libraries. User-supplied analyte-specific reagents are required for the preparation of libraries targeting specific genomic regions of interest.

The MiSeqDx Universal Kit 1.0 is intended for use with the Illumina MiSeqDx instrument.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

Contact an Illumina representative for regional availability.

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MiSeqDx Universal Kit

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