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Weekly Throughput of Selected BeadChips with a Single iScan System
BeadChip Approximate Scan Time Per Sample (minutes) Manual Loading* (Samples per Week) With Automation** (Samples per Week)
Infinium HumanOmni5 26 128 272
Infinium HumanOmni2.5-8 11.4 256 608
Infinium HumanOmniExpress+ 7.5 256 960
Infinium Methylation450K 5.0 384 1,440
Infinium HumanCytoSNP-12 2.9 384 1,728
InfiniumHD iSelect (12x1) 2.9 384 1,728
InfiniumHD iSelect (24x1) 1.0 768 3,456
BovineLD 0.3 768 3,456
Universal-32 BeadChip for GoldenGate Genotyping 0.3 1,440 1,440

*Manual: 1FTE, iScan system, 16 BeadChips/batch, 2 batches/FTE/Tecan per week
** Automated: 1FTE, iScan system, 2 Tecans, 1 Autoloader 2.x, 24 BeadChips/batch, 2 batches/FTE/Tecan per week