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iScan Applications & Methods

High-throughput, multiplex human genotyping microarrays allow for powerful global, population-scale studies. Quickly and cost-effectively identify mutations and structural variations in diverse human populations or biobank samples. Human genotyping arrays support whole-genome, targeted genome, and exome analyses, with expert-defined content, and consortia-developed content arrays for specific applications.

Illumina offers a comprehensive suite of genotyping array products for non-human organisms. Ready-to-use BeadChip microarray solutions are available for crops, livestock, and model organisms, leveraging expert-selected and consortia-developed content. Array-based SNP screening and genotyping methods are used for discovery and screening to aid in agricultural breeding decisions.

Epigenetic arrays let you quantitatively scan for methylation sites across the genome, utilizing high-multiplex assays for maximum throughput. Our Infinium Methylation Assay covers CpG islands, miRNA promoter regions, and other areas important in epigenetic regulation.

*Scan time for Infinium HTS represented. Scan time dependent on BeadChip format and plexity.
**Scan time for Infinium MethylationEPIC-8 represented. Scan time dependent on BeadChip format and plexity.

Custom Genotyping

Create custom genotyping arrays with known or suspected markers to screen against novel or targeted content, or to study any species of interest.

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Our cytogenetic array portfolio offers the right tools to provide insight into chromosomal aberrations and their biological relevance.

Researcher Interviews:

How Chromosomal Genetics Evolved From Structure to Disease
Microarray-Based Cytogenetic Testing Illuminates Congenital Abnormalities, Cancer

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Preconception & Fertility Screening

Preconception testing or infertility genetic screening may help couples determine if they might benefit from assisted reproductive technology.

Researcher Interviews:

Birth of the First Baby Conceived Using PGD and IVF in China

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Neurodegenerative Disease Research

The Neuro Consortium Array enables researchers to analyze genetic variants associated with common neurodegenerative diseases.

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Drug Development Research

Consortium-designed array to support earlier target selection and validation in drug development.

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FFPE Sample Analysis

Illumina offers FFPE sample analysis solutions to provide high-quality array data from degraded DNA samples.

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Determine the best genotyping kit for your needs based on your project type, starting material, and the method or application.

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