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NovaSeq X series products and services

Kits, automation protocols, and software solutions for the NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus systems

NovaSeq X Series Reagent Kits

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NovaSeq X Series Reagent Kits

The power of XLEAP-SBS chemistry combined with flexible, efficient, sustainable workflows for transformational genomics at scale.

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Illumina DNA PCR-Free Prep

A high-performing, fast, and integrated workflow for applications such as whole-genome sequencing or tumor-normal sequencing.

Illumina DNA Prep with Enrichment

This kit uses a fast, user-friendly workflow. On-bead tagmentation chemistry is combined with a simplified, single hybridization protocol to reduce total workflow time.

Illumina Stranded Total RNA Prep

Rapid stranded total RNA-Seq prep supports a broad range of sample types for studying the coding and non-coding transcriptome providing unparalleled study flexibility.

IDT for Illumina DNA/RNA UD Indexes

Sets A, B, C, and D offer up to 384 unique dual indexes, enabling accurate assignment of reads and efficient use of the flow cell.

NovaSeq X Series Custom-Primer Buffer

The NovaSeq X Series Custom-Primer Buffer supports custom primer workflows with any NovaSeq X Series Reagent Kit.

IDT for Illumina RNA UD Indexes

Sets A, B, C, and D each contain 96, 10 bp Unique Dual Indexes (UDIs) and RNA Index Anchor plate for use with Illumina Stranded Total RNA Prep and Illumina Stranded mRNA Prep Kits.

Automation Options

High-Throughput Library Prep Automation

To aid with adopting automation, methods for many of our library prep assays are available from the leading automation companies. Our partners offer a range of automation platforms to address your lab's throughput needs.

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Laboratory Information Management Systems

By using a LIMS, your lab can automate workflows, track reagents and lots, integrate instruments, and manage samples and associated information.

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Software and Informatics Solutions

Illumina DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform

The Illumina DRAGEN (Dynamic Read Analysis for GENomics) Bio-IT Platform provides accurate, ultra-rapid secondary genomic analysis of sequencing data. The NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus systems are fully integrated with the DRAGEN platform—available onboard or in the cloud—to perform lossless file compression and automated secondary analysis pipelines for whole-genome, whole-exome, or whole-transcriptome workflows.

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Illumina Connected Analytics

A secure genomic data platform to operationalize informatics and analyze, manage, aggregate, mine, and explore data more efficiently.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub

A user-friendly, scalable, and secure cloud-computing platform for storage and analysis of genomic data, with a rich ecosystem of BaseSpace Apps.

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

Laboratory information management system designed for genomics labs to track samples and manage workflows for an optimized and efficient lab.

Instrument Services and Training

Instrument Performance Service

Connect to Illumina Proactive to maximize instrument uptime with this complimentary instrument performance monitoring and proactive support service.

Instrument Qualification Services

Verify instrument installation, operation, or performance and obtain an audit-ready report to help meet regulatory requirements.

Illumina Product Support Services

In addition to the 1-year basic service warranty included with system purchase, Illumina offers maintenance, repair, and qualification solutions.

Illumina Training

Get high-quality results on Illumina technology even faster with instructor-led or hands-on courses and web-based training options.