The Next Era in Sequencing Starts Now

The NovaSeq Series. The power is yours.

Introducing the NovaSeq Series of Sequencing Systems. Built with groundbreaking innovations, now you can access scalable throughput and flexibility for virtually any genome, sequencing method, and scale. Complete projects faster and more economically than ever before—and redefine the limits of your research.

Enabling the Future of Genomics

Hear from some of the minds behind the powerful new NovaSeq Series of Systems. Discover the inspiration and innovation that crafted the NovaSeq Series as well as the ultimate mission for its larger impact on the future of genomics.

Enabling the Future of Genomics

Explore the NovaSeq Series of Systems

Discover a leap forward in technology from the inside, out. Built from the ground up for scalable throughput, flexible configurations, and streamlined operations, it’s our most powerful platform ever, so you can realize your scientific visions.

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Start Your Run

Our simple and intuitive platform allows you to fully configure your system to support the broad range of applications. The simplified workflow also increases lab efficiency and reduces hands-on time.

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Load Reagent Cartridges

Prepared libraries are loaded in custom-designed integrated reagent and buffer cartridges that replace multiple, individual reagent tubes to simplify run setup. RFID-encoded consumables ensure compatibility and traceability, virtually eliminating the possibility of misloading.

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Configure Your Run

With the ability to choose from 4 different flow cell types, output can be configured to match your application and project. One, or two, independently operated flow cells can be easily loaded into place to fit your evolving needs.

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Automated onboard cluster generation significantly minimizes hands-on time and reduces run variability.

And with proven SBS chemistry over a decade in the making, you’ll get data quality you can trust—making the possibilities for discovery endless.

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Analyze and Interpret Data

Get the most insights out of your data with the option to seamlessly integrate with BaseSpace Sequence Hub and share your results in a secure environment. Drive scientific discovery with tools like BaseSpace Variant Interpreter (Beta) and BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer.

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Discover Possibilities

With a range of applications from tumor profiling to digital gene expression, the NovaSeq Series allows you to redefine what’s possible in sequencing. Conduct larger and more powerful studies than ever before. Discover infinite possibilities—all on one platform.

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See the NovaSeq Series in Action

Join us for a live webinar event to see firsthand how we are redefining what is possible with high-throughput sequencing. The team will walk through how the NovaSeq Series can meet your lab's ever-evolving needs.

  • Overview of instrument and consumables
  • Demonstration from run setup through data analysis
  • Data analysis using BaseSpace Sequence Hub
Date & Times

Tuesday, January 24, 2017, at 9 AM and 5 PM (PT)

  • Brian Steffy
    Senior Lab Manager, Customer Solutions Lab, Illumina
  • David Miller
    Manager, Sequencing Systems, Illumina
  • Aboli Rane
    Senior Product Manager, Sequencing Systems, Illumina
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