The S4 200 cycle kit is now available for NovaSeq Reagent Kits, providing additional flexibility to configure output and run time to meet your study needs. Select the S4 200 cycle kit option below.

NovaSeq Reagent Kits

Reagent kits for the NovaSeq 6000 System provide ready-to-use cartridge-based reagents for cluster generation and SBS. Read More...
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NovaSeq 6000 S1 Reagent Kit (100 cycles)



NovaSeq 6000 S1 Reagent Kit (200 cycles)



NovaSeq 6000 S1 Reagent Kit (300 cycles)



NovaSeq 6000 S2 Reagent Kit (100 cycles)



NovaSeq 6000 S2 Reagent Kit (200 cycles)



NovaSeq 6000 S2 Reagent Kit (300 cycles)



NovaSeq 6000 S4 Reagent Kit (200 cycles)



NovaSeq 6000 S4 Reagent Kit (300 cycles)


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NovaSeq Library Tubes Accessory Pack (24 tubes)



Product Highlights

NovaSeq 6000 Reagent Kits enable tremendous flexibility and unprecedented sequencing power for a broad range of applications on the NovaSeq 6000 System.

  • Ready-to-use reagent cartridges for streamlined operation
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) encoded consumables ensure reagent traceability and compatibility
  • Multiple flow cell and read length configurations support a wide range of applications

Kits are available in three flow cell configurations; select the desired option when ordering.

  • SP and S1 provide the fastest run times on the NovaSeq System and are ideal for smaller batch sizes or in situations where rapid turnaround time is required
  • S2 is a quick, powerful, and cost-effective option for high-throughput applications
  • S4 offers tunable output and additional flexibility; it yields unprecedented throughput while enabling cost-effective sequencing across a range of applications and depth of coverage
A New Standard in Ease of Use

The NovaSeq 6000 Reagent Kits contain three ready-to-use cartridges pre-filled with all the reagents needed for cluster generation and sequencing. The cartridges replace the multiple reagent bottles and tubes used on previous high-throughput systems, drastically simplifying and reducing run setup time.

With features like RFID encoding for traceability and a snap-in design to minimize opportunities for errors, the NovaSeq Reagent Kits bring streamlined operation to high-throughput sequencing.


Best Practices for Storing Sequencing Reagents

Sequencing reagent performance depends on thawing technique, thawed storage time, and storage conditions. Learn how to thaw and store sequencing reagents for optimal performance.

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Best Practices for Storing Sequencing Reagents

Supporting Data and Figures

NovaSeq 6000 System Flow Cell Specifications *
  NovaSeq 6000 System
Flow Cell Type SP S1 S2 S4
Output Per Flow Cell  
2 × 50 bp 65–80 Gb 134–167 Gb 333–417 Gb N/A
2 × 100 bp N/A 266–333 Gb 667–833 Gb 1600–2000 Gb
2 × 150 bp 200–250 Gb 400–500 Gb 1000–1250 Gb 2400–3000 Gb
Clusters Passing Filter  
Single Reads 650–800 million 1.3–1.6 billion 3.3–4.1 billion 8–10 billion
Paired-end Reads 1.3–1.6 billion 2.6–3.2 billion 6.6–8.2 billion 16–20 billion
Run Time §  
2 × 50 bp ~13 hr ~13 hr ~16 hr N/A
2 × 100 bp N/A ~19 hr ~25 hr ~36 hr
2 × 150 bp ~25 hr ~25 hr ~36 hr ~44 hr

* Output and read number specifications based on a single flow cell using Illumina PhiX control library at supported cluster densities. The NovaSeq 6000 System can run 1 or 2 flow cells simultaneously.
† The NovaSeq 6000 SP Reagent Kits have not been released; therefore, performance metrics are subject to change.
§ Run time includes cluster generation, sequencing, and base calling. Run times are based on running 2 flow cells of the same type; starting two different flow cells will impact run time.


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