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Kits, automation protocols, and software solutions for the NovaSeq Series

NovaSeq Series Products & Services

NovaSeq Reagent Kits
NovaSeq Reagent Kits

Ready-to-use, cartridge-based reagents combined with multiple flow cell configurations create a combination of scalable throughput and flexibility for virtually any genome, sequencing method, and scale.

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TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Library Preparation Kit
TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Library Preparation Kit

Simple, all-inclusive whole-genome sequencing (WGS) library preparation that provides accurate and comprehensive coverage of complex genomes.

TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Kit
TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Kit

A robust, highly scalable whole-transcriptome analysis (RNA-Seq) solution for a variety of species and sample types, including human, mouse, and FFPE.

TruSeq Exome
TruSeq Exome

This kit provides a low-cost exome sequencing solution that delivers exceptional target coverage over a broad range of read depths.

Automating sequencing library preparation improves consistency, reduces hands-on time, and enables higher throughput. Access Illumina-qualified methods for automated library prep available through our partnerships with leading vendors.

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High-Throughput Library Prep Automation
BaseSpace Sequence Hub
BaseSpace Sequence Hub

BaseSpace Sequence Hub provides a user-friendly, scalable, and secure cloud-computing platform for storage and analysis of genomic data. Monitor sequencing runs remotely, and share data easily with collaborators. Our rich ecosystem of BaseSpace Apps makes data analysis simple and accessible for a wide range of sequencing applications.

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bcl2fastq Conversion Software

Combines per-cycle BCL files from a run and translates them into demultiplexed FASTQ files for downstream data analysis.

Illumina Experiment Manager

Illumina Experiment Manager guides the creation and setup of your sample sheet. Built-in validation checks to minimize sample sheet setup errors.

Sequencing LIMS

Our NGS LIMS (laboratory information management system) helps labs track samples and optimize workflows for sequencing and other genomic applications.

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer

Incorporate proprietary molecular or phenotypic data from individual subjects, clinical trial cohorts, or studies in cell lines and model organisms.

BaseSpace Correlation Engine

Web-based tools that support early-stage and translational discovery to identify mechanisms of disease, drug targets, prognostic or predictive biomarkers.

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter (Beta)

A user-friendly, scalable, and secure cloud-based platform to help determine biological significance of genomic variants, and create reports.

Comprehensive Scientific Support

Illumina services and support begins when the NovaSeq System is delivered. Illumina scientists and engineers assist with NGS system installation and setup and train laboratory personnel. In addition to onsite support, training courses are available to bring laboratory personnel quickly up to speed.

Illumina scientists are available 24/7 globally to answer questions every step of the way, enabling researchers to focus on making the next breakthrough discovery.

Illumina Product Care

In addition to the 1-year basic service warranty included with system purchase, Illumina offers maintenance, repair, and qualification solutions.

Illumina University

Get high-quality results on Illumina technology even faster with instructor-led, hands-on courses and web-based training options.

Illumina Consulting

Illumina provides consulting services that connect an experienced Illumina team direct to the laboratory to jump-start successful sequencing workflow implementation.