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MiniSeq Reagent Kits bring the power of Illumina NGS to labs of all sizes. Access cost-efficient sequencing, even for low numbers of samples. Read More...
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MiniSeq Rapid Reagent Kit (100 cycles)



MiniSeq High Output Reagent Kit (75-cycles)



MiniSeq High Output Reagent Kit (150-cycles)



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Product Highlights

MiniSeq System sequencing reagent kits bring the power and reliability of proven Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) to labs of all sizes. Access cost-efficient sequencing with high data quality, even for low numbers of samples. These kits offer:

  • Robust base calling and optimal signal-to-noise ratio
  • Multiple options for both sequencing output and read length
  • Simple workflow that reduces chance for error through the integration of clustering, sequencing and wash reagents into a single cartridge
  • Intuitive labeling and RFID-encoded reagents
  • Optimized chemistry with the latest in Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry
Configurations for various applications

MiniSeq Reagent Kits offer a wide range of solutions for applications ranging from gene expression and small RNA profiling to targeted DNA amplicon sequencing and small genome sequencing. High accuracy and paired-end sequencing capability are built into every reagent kit.

Faster run times

The MiniSeq Rapid Reagent Kit enables faster run times for NGS workflows to improve lab efficiency and provide a quicker time to results. Multiple innovations to sequencing reagents reduce chemistry and cycle times, optimize reagent usage, and accelerate clustering, purging, and post-run wash steps. The result is a total sequencing time savings of ≥ 60%, compared to MiniSeq standard reagents.

Ready-to-use cartridges redefine ease of use

Preconfigured reagent kits for the MiniSeq System provide all the components needed for cluster generation, sequencing and wash on the platform in 1 premixed, integrated, RFID-enabled cartridge. Simply load user-prepared library pools directly into the MiniSeq System. The system automatically performs all steps necessary for template amplification and sequencing without user intervention.

The kits deliver powerful sequencing chemistries with as little as 10 minutes of hands-on time. Intuitive labeling and RFID-encoded reagents ensure compatibility with user-defined run configurations.

Do you own a MiniSeq System?

There is a MiniSeq Software System Suite upgrade available. Complete the form to schedule an upgrade and receive several enhancements including a Windows 10 operating system upgrade and feature updates to Local Run Manager Software.

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Best Practices for Storing Sequencing Reagents

Sequencing reagent performance depends on thawing technique, thawed storage time, and storage conditions. Learn how to thaw and store sequencing reagents for optimal performance.

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Best Practices for Storing Sequencing Reagents

MiniSeq Reagent Kit Comparison Table

MiniSeq Reagent Kit No. of Reads Kit Size (cycles) Output (max.) 2 × 150 Output 2 × 75 Output 1 × 75 Output
MiniSeq High Output Kit 25 M 75, 150, 300 7.5 Gb 7.5 Gb 3.75 Gb 1.875 Gb
MiniSeq Mid Output Kit 8 M 300 2.4 Gb 2.4 Gb 1.2 Gb 600 Mb
MiniSeq Rapid Kit 20 M 100 2 Gb N/A N/A N/A

Gb = gigabases, M = millions

Manuals and Support Information

Custom Protocol Selector
Generates customized, end-to-end instructions

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