The SureMDA Amplification System will be discontinued on March 26, 2018. The REPLI-g Single Cell Kit (QIAGEN) is the suggested replacement for use in the Infinium Karyomapping assay. Illumina remains committed to providing customers with high-quality support and service.

SureMDA Amplification System (to be discontinued)

Whole-genome amplification of total DNA from a single embryonic cell, or a few embryonic cells, for use in the karyomapping assay protocol. Read More...
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SureMDA DNA Amplification System (96 reactions)


Product Highlights

The SureMDA DNA Amplification System uses a simple and reliable method to achieve uniform genome amplification from single cell or limited samples. Following SureMDA amplification, samples are processed and hybridized to the HumanKaryomap-12 BeadChip array.

  • Dedicated buffers and reagents deliver high yields of DNA from a single or a few cells of an embryo biopsy
  • Uses gentle alkaline incubation to maximize DNA fragment length so that genomic loci and sequences are uniformly represented

Karyomapping is a comprehensive preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) method. It uses genome-wide linkage-based analysis to identify the inheritance of single-gene defects from a single cell, or a small number of cells, isolated from an embryo. The first step in karyomapping is to amplify total DNA isolated from the cell.


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Karyomapping Products

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SureMDA DNA Amplification System

Product Information Sheet | PDF < 1 MB

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