TruSight One Sequencing Panels

Comprehensive panels targeting disease-associated regions of the exome with high analytical sensitivity and specificity.Read More...
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TruSight One Sequencing Kit (9 samples)



TruSight One Sequencing Panel (36 samples)



TruSight One Expanded Sequencing Panel (36 samples)



TruSight One – Enrichment Oligos only (6 enrichments)



TruSight One Expanded – Enrichment Oligos only, (6 enrichments)



Product Highlights

TruSight One Sequencing Panels enable labs to expand and streamline their sequencing portfolio, while managing costs.

  • Two panels offer options to target up to 6700 genes associated with human disease, with high coverage
  • Single assay includes multiple genes of interest, replacing iterative testing
  • Easy, flexible gene filtering and annotation options simplify biological interpretation and reporting

These panels provide clinical research labs with an affordable solution for managing a diverse assay portfolio. The TruSight One Sequencing Panel provides comprehensive coverage of > 4800 disease-associated genes, while the TruSight One Expanded Sequencing Panel targets ~1900 additional genes with recent disease associations in the scientific literature. Investigators can choose to analyze all of the genes on the panel or focus on a specific subset. With a single assay, labs can expand existing menus, streamline workflows, or create an entire portfolio of sequencing options.


Due to the larger size of the TruSight One Expanded Panel, Illumina recommends using the NextSeq, HiSeq 4000, or NovaSeq 6000 Sequencing System to achieve optimal sequencing coverage.

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Customer Stories

Gaining Insight into Genetic Disease

Dr. Kenjiro Kosaki furthers his clinical research and expands the genetic analysis services he provides with the TruSight One Sequencing Panel.

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Instrument core consumables are purchased separately for the 36-sample TruSight One Sequencing Panel (Catalog No. FC-141-1007), depending on which instrument is used: MiSeq, NextSeq, or HiSeq 4000 System.