TruSight One Sequencing Panel

This panel focuses on exonic regions harboring disease-causing variants. Labs can perform commonly ordered molecular assays on-site with one assay. Read More...
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TruSight One Sequencing Kit (9 samples)



TruSight One Sequencing Panel (36 samples)



Product Highlights

The TruSight One sequencing panel enables labs to expand and streamline their sequencing portfolio, while managing costs.

  • Targets 4,813 genes associated with known clinical phenotypes
  • One workflow to follow and one procedure for managing genomic samples, increasing productivity, reducing handling errors, and decreasing laboratory costs

This panel provides clinical genomics research laboratories with an affordable solution for managing a diverse assay portfolio. The panel provides comprehensive coverage of > 4,800 clinically relevant genes. Laboratories can analyze all of the genes on the panel or choose to focus on a specific subset. Use of this panel enables expansion of existing menus, streamlining of workflows, or creation of an entire portfolio of sequencing options. The result is increased productivity, reduced handling errors, decreased laboratory costs, and consistent reporting.


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Customer Stories

Gaining Insight into Genetic Disease

Dr. Kenjiro Kosaki furthers his clinical research and expands the genetic analysis services he provides with the TruSight One Sequencing Panel.

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Custom Protocol Selector
The Custom Protocol Selector enables you to generate your own customized documentation, specifically tailored to your experiment.

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Instrument core consumables are purchased separately for the 36 Sample Kit (FC-141-1007), depending on which instrument is used: MiSeq, NextSeq, or HiSeq.

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