Infinium Custom Methylation Kit

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Infinium HTS iSelect Methyl Custom BeadChip-24 kit (48 samples)



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Product Highlights

The Infinium HTS iSelect Methyl Custom BeadChip allows researchers and commercial customers to create made-to-order, high-throughput assays to fit their specific needs. The flexibility and features of the Infinium HTS iSelect Methyl Custom BeadChip make it a powerful tool for a wide range of epigenetic applications.

High-Throughput Workflow

The Infinium HTS iSelect Methyl Custom BeadChip is offered on a 24-sample format with updated Infinium automation protocols and a new automated workflow for bisulfite conversion. These features improve workflow efficiency, decrease sample processing costs, and allow users to scale their operations up to hundreds of thousands of samples per year.

Customizable Content

Custom arrays with up to 100K markers can be designed to create unique research tools and commercial offerings. Content may be selected from existing commercial arrays or epigenetic databases.

Proven Infinium Chemistry

Infinium methylation arrays enable highly accurate, quantitative measurement of DNA methylation at the single-CpG–site level, offering powerful resolution for understanding epigenetic changes.

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