TruSeq PE Cluster Kit v5-CS-GA

This kit, when used with the Cluster Station, enables cluster generation for subsequent paired-end sequencing on the Genome Analyzer IIx.Read More...
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TruSeq PE Cluster Kit v5 - CS - GA (single pack)


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For use with the Genome Analyzer IIx and the Cluster Station, the TruSeq PE Cluster Kit v5-CS-GA provides reagents that bind samples to complementary adapter oligos on the paired-end flow cell. These enable copying of the DNA strand after the first sequencing run, and the copied strand is used to sequence the other fragment end.

The TruSeq PE Cluster Kit v5-CS-GA provides reagents for amplification on the Cluster Station. The Cluster Station hybridizes samples (libraries of DNA or RNA with Illumina-supplied adapter sequences ligated onto both ends) onto a flow cell and amplifies them for later sequencing on the Genome Analyzer. DNA library samples are bound to complementary adapter oligos grafted on the surface of the flow cell.

The templates are copied from the hybridized primer by 3' extension using a high fidelity DNA polymerase. These copies are isothermally amplified to create clonal clusters of ~1,000 copies each, ready for sequencing.

The master-mixed reagents provide a streamlined workflow with a total of 20 minutes hands-on time for reagent preparation and setup. The kit also includes reagents for cluster resynthesis of the reverse strand, regenerated by bridge amplification within the paired-end flow cell with the Paired-End Module. After resynthesis of the reverse strand, the original forward strand is cleaved and the reverse strand is sequenced for the second read.

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