NGS Tutorials

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These next-generation sequencing (NGS) tutorials are designed to help you understand key concepts in NGS. With videos, online training, and technical bulletins, we’ll guide you through tips and best practices for library prep, sequencing, and data analysis.

Library Preparation Tutorials for NGS

Preventing PCR Contamination

In this NGS tutorial, you’ll learn how to avoid a common source of contamination in biological experimentation.

(10 min)
How Do I Achieve Consistent Quantitation? Part 1

Variation in DNA quantitation is a common dilemma in next-generation sequencing. Learn how these inconsistencies can arise.

(6 min)
How Do I Achieve Consistent Quantitation? Part 2

This next-generation sequencing tutorial provides tips and tricks for getting reliable, consistent quantitation.

(8 min)
Quantification and Quality Control

Find out how to quantify and validate final libraries for a successful sequencing run.

DNA/RNA Isolation Considerations

Find guidance to help you avoid contamination while purifying nucleic acid.

dsDNA Library Concentration

Learn how to convert library concentration from ng/µl to nM for some library prep methods.

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Next-Generation Sequencing Tutorials

Sequencing Fundamentals


This NGS tutorial covers the basics of DNA sequencing and how it compares to traditional methods.

(15 min)


Sequencing: An Introduction


This webinar discusses the basics of DNA, fundamental concepts in DNA sequencing, and the applications of NGS as a research tool.

(25 min)


Sequencing: Illumina Technology


This course provides an overview of the Illumina sequencing workflow, from DNA extraction to the completion of a sequencing run.

(15 min)


How to Plan Your First Sequencing Project


Designed for beginners, this NGS tutorial discusses experimental considerations and an overview of the Illumina sequencing workflow.

(36 min)


How Can I Tell if I Sequenced Through the Insert? Part 1


Learn how to use Bioanalyzer traces to assess the range of insert sizes in your library.

(7 min)


How Can I Tell if I Sequenced Through the Insert? Part 2


Find out how certain clues in your sequencing results can indicate whether the insert is too short.

(5 min)


Recommendations for Reagent Storage


Thawing technique and storage conditions can affect sequencing reagent performance.


How to Achieve Consistent Cluster Density


Optimal cluster density is critical to sequencing quality. Find best practices to avoid under- or overclustering.


What is the PhiX Control v3 Library?


This NGS tutorial explains why PhiX is a recommended in-run control for some sequencing runs.


What is Nucleotide Diversity?


Learn why nucleotide diversity is important for sequencing data quality.


Next-Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics Tutorials

Introduction to Key Concepts in Data Analysis

This NGS bioinformatics tutorial covers data analysis approaches and considerations for experimental design.

(48 min)
Introduction to Enrichment Data Analysis

This webinar deconstructs the enrichment workflow and data analysis options for beginners.

(46 min)
FASTQ Processing Tools for Data Analysis

FASTQ files contain raw sequence data and quality scores. Learn how to use FASTQ files for data analysis.

(33 min)
How Do I Optimize Amplicon Sequencing Data? Part 1

Understand considerations for designing and performing amplicon sequencing experiments with low-diversity libraries.

(6 min)
How Do I Optimize Amplicon Sequencing Data? Part 2

Find best practices and learn how to analyze key run metrics with this NGS bioinformatics tutorial.

(7 min)
Adapter Trimming Tutorial

Learn why adapter sequences are trimmed from the 3' ends of reads.

Planning Your NGS Budget

Learn more about the cost of next-generation sequencing and how to budget for each step of the workflow.

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