High-throughput, multiplex human genotyping solutions

Quickly and cost-effectively identify mutations and structural variations

Human Genotyping

Illumina human genotyping arrays contain the most informative content, supporting whole-genome, targeted genome, and exome analyses. Powered by industry-leading BeadArray and Infinium assay technologies, they deliver exceptional data quality and high-density genomic coverage. Choose from ready-to-use BeadChip arrays with expert-defined content, consortia-developed content arrays for specific applications, or design custom iSelect or semicustom microarrays to suit specific research needs.

Supporting high-throughput, multiplex processing, Illumina microarrays are ideal for large-scale population study researchers and biobanks performing genome-wide and phenome-wide association studies (GWAS and PheWAS). They also offer the high resolution required for detection of copy number variant (CNV), loss of heterozygosity (LOH), and insertions/deletions. All Illumina microarrays, including whole-genome and targeted array products are designed for continued collaboration and expansion to meet the needs of the research community.

Human genotyping microarrays are ideal for processing thousands of samples quickly and cost-effectively to identify mutations and structural variants. Additional advantages include:

  • Reproducible, high-quality data at a low per-sample cost
  • Fast, high-throughput multiplex processing
  • Expert-selected or Consortia-developed content
    • Coverage of diverse world populations
    • Extensive coverage of common and rare disease conditions
  • Custom and semicustom formats
  • Fast time-to-answer
    • Easy workflow
    • Intuitive analysis tools to visualize and analyze data
Benefits of Human Genotyping

Identify the best human genotyping array for your needs with this easy-to-use tool.

Find the Right Array Find the Right Array
Kits for NGS Library Preparation
Human Genotyping Array Kits

View a filterable list of microarrays, including a broad range of arrays designed for human genotyping studies.

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Custom Genotyping Array Kits

Design arrays for custom and semi-custom genotyping with convenient online tools and Illumina expert assistance.

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iScan Array Scanner

Supports high-throughput BeadChip processing, scanning hundreds to thousands of samples quickly and accurately.

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Cancer Germline Mutations
Cancer Germline Mutation Analysis

Study cancer predisposition and risk with Illumina microarrays, sequencing systems, and data analysis software. Learn more about cancer germline mutation analysis.

Disease Variant Studies
Causal Variant Discovery

High-throughput DNA sequencing technologies allow researchers to rapidly screen large sample numbers to find causal variants associated with complex diseases. Learn more about causal variant discovery.

Biobank Sample Genotyping
Biobank Sample Analysis

Find genotyping solutions that enable researchers to leverage biobank samples for translational and pharmacogenomic research, population studies, and more. Learn more about biobank sample analysis.

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Whole-Genome Genotyping
Whole-Genome Genotyping

Whole-genome arrays leverage highly informative genome-wide tag SNPs found across diverse populations for large-scale studies.

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Targeted Genotyping
Targeted Genotyping

Perform genotype screening of large populations against targeted SNPs targeting specific traits or genes of interest.

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Infinium Array Family
Human Infinium Array Family

Infinium microarrays support a wide range of human genetic analysis studies.

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Scouring the Epigenome For The Origins of Dementia
Dementia-Related Epigenetic Changes

Dr. Jon Mill at King’s College London uses methylation arrays to study epigenetic changes that contribute to neurodegenerative disorders.

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Scanning Population-Based Biobanks To Identify Rare Variants
Scanning Biobanks To Identify Rare Variants

The Hunt BioBank and Lifandis AS screen 250,000 samples for myocardial infarction-linked variants.

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Genotyping Consortia
Genotyping Consortia

Illumina BeadChip genotyping panels are the foundation of > 25 consortia products.

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FastTrack Services Performs HT Genotyping of Hispanic Population Samples
Hispanic Population Genotyping

UCLA researchers identify heterogeneity in diverse Hispanic populations using arrays.

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FastTrack Microarray Services
FastTrack Microarray Services

Illumina experts provide methylation array and genotyping services.

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