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Genomic Analysis Techniques

Illumina creates tools and services to take your studies of the genome and all of its variations further. Whether your studies require a broad review of the genome or in-depth, base-by-base interrogation of a particular loci, Illumina offers total solutions designed to help you generate more complete answers, as efficiently and effectively as possible. Have confidence in your data, knowing that Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology has been used to generate >90% of the world’s sequencing data.* Illumina BeadChip microarrays lead the industry with ease of use, robust performance, and reproducibility for a diverse range of DNA, RNA, and epigenetic studies.

Today, researchers around the world rely on our solutions to read and analyze tens of thousands of genomes each year. From disease research to forensics to food safety, the applications are as diverse as life itself.

Overview of Genomic Analysis Techniques

With platforms for every scale, Illumina provides a range of complete NGS solutions to meet the unique requirements of any lab and accommodate a wide range of study designs.

DNA Sequencing
RNA Sequencing
Methylation Sequencing
NGS Library Preparation
Sequencing Data Analysis
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Offering flexible content and scalable multiplexing, Illumina high-density BeadArray technology enables diverse applications, from whole-genome genotyping to targeted screening.

Human Genotyping with Arrays
Non-Human Genotyping with Arrays
Gene Expression Array Analysis
Methylation Array Analysis
Microarray Data Analysis
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Popular Genomics Applications
Popular Genomics Applications

From sample and library preparation to array and sequencing systems to data analysis, Illumina offers total genomic analysis solutions for diverse studies.

Gene Expression/Transcriptome Analysis
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NGS Technology
NGS Technology

Unprecedented throughput, scalability, and speed enable biological understanding never before possible.

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BeadArray Microarray Technology
Microarray Technology

BeadArray microarray technology represents a fundamentally different approach to high-density arrays.

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Publication Reviews
Publication Reviews

Highlights of the ways in which researchers are using Illumina technology to further scientific research.

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Illumina NGS Application Guide
Illumina NGS Methods Guide

All the information you need, from library preparation to sequencer selection to analysis. Select the best tools for your lab.

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Become an Illumina Technology Pro
Become an Illumina Technology Pro

Receive hands-on training from expert instructors on-site in your lab.

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*Data calculations on file. Illumina, Inc., 2015