High-throughput microarray processing and sample tracking

LIMS for Microarray Processing

Illumina offers a state-of-the-art array-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that guides time-consuming and error-prone sample/data handling and tracking, ensuring reliable, high-quality data outputs, and enabling multiple projects to be managed in parallel. The system facilitates high-throughput microarray processing and sample tracking, using advanced automation and precise robotic control.

Project managers can easily enter experimental and control samples into the system using familiar sample sheet definitions. The assigned samples are queued automatically for batch processing. This batching system communicates to lab personnel that samples are ready for processing without additional intervention from a project manager.

  • 100% sample tracking to prevent sample mix-ups
  • Real-time quality metrics from image scanning
  • Rapid scale-up options to easily increase sample throughput
  • Automatic project archiving
  • File management of decoding, image, intensity, and analytical data files

The Illumina array LIMS can grow as needed, including into future products and systems. It is compatible with the iScan System, and is intended for use with Infinium whole-genome genotyping and custom genotyping arrays.

The Illumina array LIMS includes software, hardware, installation, on-site training, and continuous support from the Customer Solutions team. Package options include:

Illumina LIMS Starter Bundle

This package includes the latest server hardware, software, and support for Infinium whole-genome genotyping with an iScan System. It includes the LIMS database system with server computers and a server rack. It requires an Illumina-specific Tecan robot with a RoMa robotic arm and PoslD reagent barcode scanning.

llumina LIMS Upgrade

For existing users, this package provides upgrades to take advantage of the latest processing and throughput improvements.

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LIMS Technical Support
Array LIMS Technical Support

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Additional Array LIMS Details

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