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DesignStudio Assay Design Tool

Design Studio

Sequencing Assay Designer

DesignStudio Sequencing Assay Designer provides dynamic feedback to optimize target region sequencing coverage, reducing the time required to design custom projects. Users can personalize and optimize content to fit the needs of their study.

This web-based software tool is currently available for the following targeted sequencing products:

  • TruSeq Custom Amplicon 1.5 and TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input
  • Nextera Rapid Capture Custom Enrichment
  • TruSeq Targeted RNA Expression

Note that access to DesignStudio requires a login; you can create one if you don't already have one (click on the "Start Your Design" button below, and go to the "New Customer" section).

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Microarray Assay Designer

DesignStudio Microarray Assay Designer provides a simple and powerful method for evaluating loci and creating the most successful custom genotyping assays. Metrics returned by DesignStudio provide success prediction information, validation status, and minor allele frequencies from published studies. Users can interrogate virtually any markers for any species, supporting 3,072–700,000 custom SNPs, CNVs, and indels.

This web-based software tool is currently available for the following microarray products:

  • Infinium iSelect Custom Genotyping BeadChips

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